Green waste vouchers

Green waste vouchers provide flexibility to dispose of large quantities of green waste at a convenient time 

Voucher distribution

Green waste vouchers are part of each year's Valuation and Rates notice. They appear as a QR code on the front page of the notice on the right hand side below the details of rates and charges. You will need to bring the notice with you when you drop off your green waste and the attendant will scan the QR code. The QR code is unique to each property so you can use any notice throughout the year 


  • Property owners of a dwelling receive three vouchers
  • Property owners can provide their vouchers to tenants to use
  • Property owners who use a contractor can give their vouchers to the contractor to use
  • One voucher must be used for one cubic metre of green waste, this is a slightly heaped 6 x 4 sized trailer load. Load size will be assessed by attendant
  • Vouchers are only for residential, not commercial green waste
  • Vouchers are not redeemable for cash or refund
  • Each year's vouchers can be used until the next year's rates notice is issued; they do not expire at the end of the financial year

What is green waste

  • Green waste includes garden clippings, pruning, leaves and grass.
  • Green waste must be clean and must not contain processed wood such as treated pine, fence palings or untreated timber
  • Green waste must not include any food waste

How to use your vouchers

  • Bring your load of green waste with your original, online or replacement Valuation and Rates notice to the Nillumbik Recycling and Recovery Centre 
  • The attendant will scan the QR code on the notice
  • The QR code is unique to each property so you can use any notice throughout the year

Where to find us

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