Home composting

Composting your food scraps, grass and garden clippings at home can provide you with an excellent source of free garden food and soil improver.

Home composting reduces greenhouse gases, saves water and creates more space in your kerbside green bin.


Join the Compost Revolution

24% of Nillumbik residents say they place their food scraps in the red garbage (landfill) bin.

As a pilot program, Nillumbik is partnering with Compost Revolution to make it easier for residents to try composting at home.

Nillumbik households are eligible to one compost system at 50 per cent off the recommended retail price, including free home delivery. Products available include a compost bin, worm farm, bokashi bin and helpful accessories.

To order from Compost Revolution

  1. Visit the Compost Revolution website
  2. Enter your address for verification
  3. Complete an online tutorial and quiz
  4. Order your product at the discounted price

This offer is available to Nillumbik residential properties only. Once all discounted stock is sold the program will be stopped and evaluated.


Edendale Community Environment Farm

Discounted composting products are also available from Edendale all year round 

See the things we sell page on the Edendale website for details