Diamond Creek Town Centre

Diamond Creek twenty20 is an integrated plan which includes a structure plan to guide future land use and development, expansion of the shopping centre, future buildings and landscape, transport and mobility, community and leisure facilities, and parkland development. It also includes a leisure facilities plan which will deal with the priorities and funding for leisure facilities, including indoor sports facilities, sports fields and change rooms and wider leisure needs.

Diamond Creek twenty20 was approved 2006. The related implementation plan was approved 2007.

Due to the size of the documents, the plans in the main report are separate files and should be read with the main report.

Diamond Creek MAC design guidelines

These design guidelines have been prepared to guide the future development of land within the Diamond Creek Major Activity Centre (MAC) to ensure that new buildings and works are of a high quality and reflect the preferred character of the area. These design guidelines are intended to be used by anyone who is interested or involved in the planning and development process (landowners, designers, developers, community, Council etc.) to better understand how to suitably respond to local planning policies and design controls associated with the Diamond Creek MAC.

Each precinct has its own guidelines, see  related documents.