Sustainable transport

Nillumbik Major Activity Centres: Sustainable Transport Study and Strategy 

Nillumbik Shire Council has worked with the community to develop a transport strategy for the Diamond Creek and Eltham Town centres.

The strategy is called the Nillumbik Major Activity Centres: Sustainable Transport Study and Strategy (NSTSS). Its purpose is to improve car parking management, reduce the impact of cars on the attractiveness of each centre and improve the ability of residents to walk and cycle to (and within) each centre. Extensive surveying of visitors in both centres has been undertaken and community forums were held at Diamond Creek and Eltham to develop the strategy. Key findings of the strategy are:

  • Walking and cycling: Walking and cycling access to each centre is compromised. E.g.there are minimal points at which pedestrians can safely cross main roads going through each centre and there are few paths connecting local people to each centre. The Strategy recommends actions to improve these links.
  • Car access and parking: Building new parking is expensive so better management of existing parking should be explored before the Council constructs more. The strategy recommends parking management solutions to ensure those who require car access will be able to park, but the attractiveness of each centre isn't compromised by cars and congestion.  

An information session about this strategy was held on 20 and 27 February 2010.