Blue Lake Ward - Councillor Grant Brooker


Councillor Grant Brooker

Councillor Grant Brooker is the Councillor for Blue Lake Ward. 

Cr Grant Brooker was a founding member of the Friends of Apollo Parkways (FoAP) and has been a resident there with his family for the past 19 years.

"I have been working with Council for a number of years and campaigned against a development of 176 proposed town houses planned for Civic Drive.

"The 26 current lots under construction come with a recreation masterplan that will see site improvements, significant leisure upgrades and the continued capacity for outdoor performances.

"FoAP fought for the rezoning to public parks and recreation that was approved this year safeguarding it for the future.

"I am an independent councillor and will consider planning applications with neighbourhood character and local amenity my priorities.

"It was important to me that a resident represent Blue Lake as Council works best with a local voice. Residents told me that smart spending decisions need to be made with Council doing more but costing less." 

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