Edendale Ward - Councillor John Dumaresq


Councillor John Dumeresq

Councillor John Dumaresq is the Councillor for Edendale Ward.

Cr Dumaresq is a determined advocate for open and responsive local government.

As an Edendale resident John has already served his community for many years as a member of sporting groups, charities and advisory committees. "I am passionate about preserving the beautiful Green Wedge while being a rational voice on development.

"Rates must be spent wisely and Council must be financially responsible, provide best value services and deliver timely maintenance of roads, footpaths, parks and public infrastructure."

Cr Dumaresq wants to deliver a dog park for Eltham, improved parking and pedestrian access to Eltham train station and opposes train stabling at Eltham.

Cr Dumaresq and his partner live in Edendale with their two daughters and Cr Dumaresq is currently working in the construction industry. 

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