Sugarloaf Ward - Councillor Jane Ashton


Councillor Jane Ashton

Councillor Jane Ashton is the Councillor for Sugarloaf Ward. 

Living in Nillumbik for the past 25 years, Cr Ashton loves being part of a dynamic rural community.

Cr Ashton is concerned about ensuring that all rural townships in Nillumbik are included in funding and planning, both now and in the future.

"Working with this wonderfully creative and diverse community will underpin much of what I wish to do. 

"I look forward to exploring ways to improve consultation processes; reviewing proposed planning amendments C81 and C101; exploring ways to get improved amenities at the Research shops and investigating potential uses of the old Kangaroo Ground tip site.

I will also try to seek out best practice and apply it whenever an opportunity arises, with the idea that what we create now should be something that we are proud of and will become part of the future legacy of this area."

Cr Ashton is married with two children and owns a horse agistment property. 

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