Wingrove Ward - Deputy Mayor Councillor Peter Clarke

Deputy Mayor

Councillor Peter Clarke

Deputy Mayor Councillor Peter Clarke is the Councillor for Wingrove Ward, which includes Eltham.

An Eltham resident for 25 years, Cr Peter Clarke comes to Nillumbik with experience as a former Councillor at Melbourne City (2006-2012) and Heidelberg (1981-1989).

"Rates are at an all-time high and something must be done about it. Over the last four years rates have increased by 30 per cent - the highest in Victoria - yet we don't see the benefits of these high rates.

"My resident survey identified that the community wants to make sure that Council gets the basics right, rates, roads, fire prevention and provides support for local businesses, clubs and community groups. Instead of remaining frustrated and complaining I offered myself for election to do something about it."

Cr Peter Clarke is an architect and has also served as Chair of the Yarra Plenty Library, is a previous Board Member of the Austin Hospital and other government and community groups, including Vicurban, Places Victoria, Rotary, YMCA to name a few. 

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