Planned Private Fireworks Display for 19 January 2019 in St Andrews

Published on 11 January 2019


A number of concerned St Andrews residents have contacted Council enquiring about a private event and fireworks display at Lake View Road, St Andrews, planned for the evening of Saturday 19 January 2019. The fireworks are planned to occur at 9.45pm and expected to last between 5-7 minutes.

Council Officers have been in contact with the event organiser to understand what is planned, convey the concerns of nearby residents and explain the impact of the fireworks on livestock, wildlife, bushfire risk, and air quality – and also on the lead-up to the 10 year memorial of the 2009 Bushfires.

Council does not have powers of approval in deciding if the fireworks should proceed. The CFA District 14 has issued a permit for the fireworks, which is required during the Fire Danger Period. The fireworks will not proceed should January 19 be a day of Total Fire Ban. The pyrotechnician managing the fireworks display is licenced by Worksafe. A specific permit is not required from Worksafe and the pyrotechnician has provided Worksafe and other parties notice of the fireworks display, as required under its regulations.

Last year, Council undertook research and obtained legal advice to investigate the options available to better address the impacts of fireworks on private land, particularly in rural areas. Council is prioritising the review and amendment of its Local Law, commencing early this year, to introduce controls to better regulate fireworks and their impacts. The review and amendment of Local Laws must follow State Legislation, which includes a consultation process and will likely take between 5-6 months to conduct. Residents can participate as part of the consultation process.

At this stage, as it is understood the party and fireworks will continue as planned, Council recommends concerned residents take precautions to prepare livestock and pets for the evening. Council empathises with residents as we appreciate that this can be highly inconvenient and stressful to prepare for.

Council will provide more advice if this information changes. 

Other Contacts:

CFA District 14 or phone (03) 8746 1400

Worksafe or phone 1800 136 089