Sugarloaf Produce

hand full of tomatoes

2/211 Chadds Creek Road, Strathewen  

Sugarloaf Produce is a partnership between a multi-generation farmer and a new producer. Warren, our Farm Manager, grew up on the Strathewen property. His father and grand-father ran a traditional agriculture-based business, growing and selling stone fruit and citrus, predominantly to the wholesale market. Our Farm Supervisor, Isabella, comes from a conservation and land management background, and is passionate about integrating farming with good environmental management practices. In 2009, the established stone fruit and citrus orchard, two private dwellings, and all associated commercial farming infrastructure and machinery were lost in the Black Saturday bush fires. Almost 10 years later, the construction of one dwelling is almost complete, and a new farming business based on sustainable/regenerative agricultural practices has commenced.

Sugarloaf Produce is a mixed farming enterprise specialising in Swiss Brown Mushroom, Australian garlic, and free-range egg production, without the use of synthetic chemicals. The business is not yet certified organic; however, the farm strictly adheres to the Australian Certified Organic Standard. Compost is made on site using a mixture of farm green waste, cow, sheep and poultry manure, sawdust from our mill and other organic materials. Biological techniques such as crop rotation, mixed cropping and mixed stocking are also utilised. Beneficial compost teas are sprayed on crops regularly, and plentiful habitat is provided for beneficial insects in our vast bush land areas.

The business is passionate about minimising food kilometres and predominantly services the local community through direct sales at Eltham Farmers' Market, Melbourne Farmers' Markets and local shops, cafes and restaurants. This gives us total control of our produce and our story. We have a loyal customer base, and believe we play an important role in educating consumers about sustainable/regenerative farming and in fostering local food systems.

Come along to tour the produce farm to meet the farmers and their cows, sheep, chicken and cattle dog!

Farm activities:

  • Farm tours 10.30am and 1.30pm
  • Animal feeding - 11.30am
  • Portable saw mill demonstration - 2.30pm

Farm gate sales:  Seasonal fruit and veggies and eggs

Toilet: Available

Food: Not available

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