Turners Bakehouse Eatery

Turners Bakehouse Eatery

107 Schotters Road, Mernda

This historic, vintage boutique bakery and eatery with its traditional wood fired scotch oven was built in the late 1980’s by the Turner brothers. The bakery has been lovingly restored in honour of its inspiring founders. They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and high tea.

Everything at Turners is homemade and handmade on the premises including their artisan breads, pies and pastries. Their famous vanilla slice is to die for and their signature sourdough is made with a mother culture that is over a 100 years old.  

This not only makes it taste amazing, it’s healthy too! Enjoy your time at Turners in the Victorian cottage or quaint garden, Weather permitting and remember to grab your sourdough bread as you leave. 


Activities: Tours of the vintage bakery are available upon request along with bread tastings. 

Bakery sales: Great coffee, delicious menu, freshly baked pastries, authentic sourdough breads, handmade pies, pasties and sausage rolls; delicious handmade sweets and cakes. Gluten free and vegan options available. Dog friendly. 

Toilet: Available

Food: Bakery open 8am – 3pm offering breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and high tea.

*Bookings required in advance for High Tea.


Website: www.turnersbakehouseeatery.com.au