Everybody needs to have good neighbours

Be Kind Nillumbik

These are unprecedented times, and they are tough ones. But in tough times, the one thing we can do is to band together as a community and show a little kindness. Be kind to others, be kind to those most in need and be kind to yourself. Keep reading for more tips on how to ‘Be Kind’ Nillumbik.


Be kind to yourself

Why not get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Listen to music, have a virtual coffee date with a friend or enjoy a Netflix binge - anything that makes you smile!

  • Head outside and tend to your garden or play with your kids
  • Listen to music or read a book
  • Dance like nobody’s watching
  • Consciously un-couple with the news to avoid crisis overload
  • Kick back with a Netflix binge – and a tub of ice cream from a local business!
  • Start a daily journal as a way to debrief and de-stress
  • Do whatever it is that makes you happy!

Be kind to others

What a time to show some neighbourly love. We know some people might be feeling a little alone right now, so if everyone in Nillumbik simply knocked on their neighbours door or called over the fence to say hello to their neighbour, it would mean every household maintains some much needed social contact.

Be kind to business

Nillumbik businesses of all sizes have been hit hard by COVID-19 and continue to be.

We’re proud of the many Nillumbik-based businesses that pivoted as the crisis unfolded, responding to the changing guidelines so they could keep operating to serve the community and employing their staff. 

Visit Nillumbik has put together a list of some of the businesses offering takeaway and delivery here.

You can also check directly with your favourites to see what they are offering.

If you’re a business owner in need of assistance, click here for information.

Be Kind – Be Creative

As social lockdowns continue, Nillumbik Shire Council is dedicated to providing the community with creative ways to continue to engage with each other, to economically support creative micro-businesses and sole traders, and to maintain flows of compassion.

In response to COVID-19, Nillumbik Shire Council is releasing a series of ‘In the Time of COVID-19' employment opportunities for artists that are aimed at engaging artists in doing what they do best - responding to the world around them.

These programs will have a twofold affect, providing paid opportunities to local artists and the wider sector and delivering high quality artistic outcomes to the Nillumbik community that are accessible through current restrictions and speak to this incredibly unique time in history.

Click here for more information about 'In the Time of COVID-19'.

The program, Be Kind – Be Creative, will provide the community an opportunity to respond creatively to new and changing circumstances.

If you or anyone you know needs help:


Know Your Neighbour

Great neighbours make great neighbourhoods. Know Your Neighbour is the perfect opportunity to connect with those next door to you.

Know Your Neighbour provides the opportunity, support and knowledge to bridge a connection with those over the fence. When people make the choice to be a good neighbour, individuals, families and neighbourhoods benefit. We know that when communities foster connection and everyday ‘neighbourliness’, they are soon safer, stronger and more resilient. Besides this, our neighbourhoods provide a great chance for us to meet people who are different from us, which can help us learn how to connect with a variety of people.

Know Your Neighbour is for all Nillumbik residents. Our long term vision is for every household in Nillumbik to join in the fun and to increasingly give a little more neighbourliness every day. This campaign belongs to everyday people, people, like you and me, who choose to make a difference in our neighbourhoods by starting in our own backyard.

Ideas on how to get involved with Know Your Neighbour:

  • Are you and your neighbours on Facebook or WhatsApp? Set up a street / neighbourhood Facebook group to help people meet neighbours, organise get togethers (once we can), swap goods, and share information.
  • Start a neighbourhood library for things you and neighbours are happy to lend / share with each other (e.g. ladders, tools, books, toys, sports gear, music, art and craft supplies).
  • Drop off some home-made baked goods to a neighbour
  • Sharing homegrown produce or even meeting for a cup of tea over the fence while social distancing.