Light Up Nillumbik

These are unprecedented times, and they are tough ones. But in tough times, the one thing we can do is to band together as a community and show positivity when we can. Light Up Nillumbik is all about creating stronger community and showing light within darkness.


For many people, the year 2020 is proving less than joyous. You may have heard about a certain pandemic?

Nillumbik, we will shine through this! Let’s all spread some festive cheer through this winter lockdown.

Join us by decorating the front of your house, yard or windows for a Nillumbik wide “festive winter” to celebrate our community’s resilience and strength to #LightUpNillumbik.

All residents, local businesses, places of worship, community groups, organisations and services are invited to “Light Up Nillumbik” and show our resilience.