Allocation of preschool places

Nillumbik Council's registration officers will send letters/emails to families through each round of the offer process.

First round offers are made in July the year before your child is to attend preschool.

If you are not offered your first preference, you can accept it and choose to remain on the waiting list for your first preference (accept but wait) as you may receive an offer in round two or three.

Second and third round offers are made in August to families where remaining places are available.

After round three, places will continue to be offered to families until all positions are filled. If a place has not been allocated during this process, the family will remain on a waiting list until September when they will be contacted to either consider an alternative preschool where a vacancy exists or cancel the registration.

A preschool offer letter/email includes information about the preschool place being offered and the options for families to:

Accept offer, Accept but wait or Decline offer

Accept offer or Accept but wait (for a higher preference) or Decline offer can be completed by accessing the Parent Portal or by returning the hard copy preschool offer form included with the offer letter. It is important when accepting a place that the application ID and details you enter are correct and match details supplied in the offer letter.

Deferral or Cancellation

Deferral or Cancellation of a position can be completed by accessing the Parent Portal or returning the hard copy preschool offer form included with the offer letter. Once an offer is accepted, a deferral or cancellation must be completed in writing to the Central Registrations Officer at or by phoning 9433 3161. Deferrals can be completed up to the first day that preschool starts of the attendance year.

Change of preschool preference

Change of preschool preference can be completed through the Parent Portal or by contacting the Central Registration Officer any time before June 30 of the offer year. Once an offer is accepted, a change of preference can no longer be completed via the parent portal, this will need to be completed in writing to the Central Registrations Officer at or by phoning 9433 3161. Any change of preference after June 30 will be considered a late application and will be included in the following round of offers.

Group selection, timetable and payment of preschool term fees

In September, Council provides details of children who have accepted places to the preschools. The preschool will contact families during September with information on how to pay a deposit or first term fees. At this time families will have the opportunity to nominate the group or session the family would like the child to attend (where there is more than one session). The preschool will notify families about groups and session times by the end of October.

Key dates of allocation

Two years before your child attends four-year-old preschool

01         From March onward, application forms can be submitted to Council (date of application is not applied during the offer process)

One year before your child attends four-year-old preschool
April 2020

13        Audit letters and registration audit forms sent from Council to all 2021 registered families

May 2020

01       Final day for families to return registration audit forms

June 2020

30        Last date to change preferences without affecting the allocation process

July 2020

13        First round offer letters sent from Council to families
27        Final opportunity for families to respond to first round offers

August 2020

03       Second round offer letters sent from Council to families
10        Final opportunity for families to respond to second round offers
17        Third round offer letters sent from Council to families
24        Final opportunity for families to respond to third round offers
26        All "accepted but waiting" statuses to be changed to "accepted" or families to be placed on waiting lists for preferred preschool

September 2020

01        Council to provide preschools with contact details of all accepted places
02        Families who did not receive an offer will be sent details about vacancies within the Shire
04        Deposit information and group selection forms sent from preschools to families
18       Last day for families to pay the deposit to the preschool and nominate their preferred preschool session

October 2020

09        Preschools to inform families of their group allocation for 2021 and collect first term fees (where required)