Amend or extend a current building permit

Amend a building permit 

If you have a Building Permit and during building any aspect of the design changes, or there is a change to builder or practitioner details, you must apply to amend your Building Permit.

There is a fee to amend a building permit and the cost will be advised once the amendment has been received and the scope of the changes have been reviewed.

To apply please complete the online form and provide documentation required to assess the amendment. 



Request an extension of time

When a Building Permit is issued it includes the date when work must commence and the date when work must be completed. If you are unable to commence or complete works within these timeframes, you must apply for an extension of time before the Building Permit expires.

To request and extension of time please complete the online form below, the fee associated with the request is $300 and once request has been lodged please allow 1-2 business days to receive invoice to the nominated email address.