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Before you lodge an application, you will need to register your details on Council's portal here. We should approve your registration within one business day. You will only need to register once. You will then have access to lodge any future applications and other request online.

You can now use our online lodgement portal to submit your request or consent to Council.

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Requests related to an existing planning permit:

PDF Form:

I want to:  Please note: 
1 Lodge my plans or other documents to be approved as required by a condition/s of an existing planning permit                                                                                      

Use this application if a condition on your planning permit requires plans to be approved

2 Extend the commencement or completion timeframe of my permit so it doesn’t expire  This is an extension of time request to an existing permit
3 Request minor changes to plans or to seek consent under a permit condition

This is a secondary consent request – Minor changes to your approved plans could include changes to the inside of the house or the landscaping, for example. Please check with planning before you use this to confirm this is the correct way to submit your request.

This may also include consent under other conditions such as temporary or limited extension of hours to use permit

 Other types of consents and requests:


I have a Section 173 Agreement, and I need to apply for consent for what I want to do              Council refers to this as Miscellaneous consent
5 Satisfaction matters  Most commonly car parking to the satisfaction of Council
6 Consent for proposed demolition (Section 29A)  This is to check heritage controls prior to demolition