I want to lodge a VicSmart application

Are you ready to lodge and pay for your application and have already registered?

Before you lodge an application, you will need to register your details on Council's portal here. Please note, you need to select applicant as your customer typeWe should approve your registration within one business day. You will only need to register once. You will then have access to lodge any future applications and other requests online.

VicSmart is a fast tracked process for simple planning permit applications, but only applies to particular types of applications. The application types, outlined below, are determined and set by the Victorian Government and are the same across all 79 Councils in Victoria.

To minimise delays, it is important that you confirm your application does qualify as a VicSmart before you apply. If it is lodged under VicSmart, but does not qualify, there may be an additional fee to be paid, and there may be time delays in lodging and assessing your application. If you are unsure, contact Planning Services on 9433 3343 and we are available to help you determine if your application qualifies as a VicSmart or not.

To be classed as a VicSmart application a proposal must be one of the stated application types, must meet all the criteria and be located in the specified zone or overlay. 

If you lodge an application as a VicSmart, Planning Services will review your application to ensure it qualifies.  

For more information visit: www.planning.vic.gov.au/vicsmart 

PDF Form:  I want to apply online for a VicSmart application to:                                                              Brief description: 
1  Amend an application  Changes to an existing VicSmart permit or changes to an existing permit which meet VicSmart criteria
2 Remove, destroy or lop one tree To be used where you wish to use Council's arborist to provide the assessment 
3 Remove, destroy or lop one tree  To be used when you will provide a report from a qualified arborist  
4 Build a fence in an overlay This applies in a zone or in a Environmental Significance Overlay, Significant Landscape Overlay, Design and Development Overlay or Special Building Overlay
5 To do buildings or works within an Industrial Zone, Commercial or Activity Centre Zone The cost of the buildings or works are up to $1,000,000 in a Industrial Zone and $500,000 in a Commercial or Activity Centre Zone. Certain criteria must be met.
6 To do minor buildings and works in a Heritage Overlay Minor buildings and works to a building in a Heritage Overlay
7  To build or carry out works in a Special Building Overlay (land subject to overland flooding) Buildings and works on land in a Special Building Overlay
8 Put up a sign To erect a sign in a commercial or industrial zone
9  Subdivide land Subdivide land into lots each containing an existing building or car parking space or subdivide land with an approved development into two lots
10  Realign the boundary  Realign a boundary between two lots where the area of either lot is reduced by less than 15 percent and the general direction of the common boundary does not change. In a Rural Conservation Zone or a Green Wedge Zone, each lot must be at least the minimum lot size
11  Reduce car parking requirements  Reduce a car parking requirement by no more than 10 car parking spaces
 12  To do minor buildings and/or works In an overlay eg: carport, verandahs and decks. Certain criteria must be met.
 13  To do buildings and works in a zone Construct buildings and/or works in a Rural Conservation Zone or Green Wedge Zone with a cost of up to $250,000 which meets certain criteria or minor buildings and works in other zones which meet certain criteria