Bushfire planning

Bushfire protection measures for new development in areas identified as being subject to a significant bushfire hazard are detailed in the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO).

The BMO, until the current scheme maps are updated, is identified on planning scheme maps as a WMO (e.g. identifier for the old Wildfire Management Overlay). Areas identified in the BMO are currently being reviewed by the State Government and will be updated in the planning scheme maps when gazetted. The areas covered by the BMO will in some areas differ to areas identified in the old WMO.

Applications and assessment under the BMO

Council will assess applications in accordance with the BMO and clause 52.47

Applications will be referred to the CFA and must meet all CFA requirements. The CFA will advise Council what permit conditions it requires or if it objects to the granting of a planning permit.

Permits issued in accordance with the BMO must include a mandatory condition requiring the owner to maintain the bushfire mitigation measures included in the planning permit on a continuing basis.

Similarly, planning permits issued for land subdivision in accordance with the BMO must include a mandatory condition requiring a S173 agreement to be registered on title including the bushfire protection measures of the planning permit.

As the issues are complex, it may be advisable to obtain assistance from a qualified consultant.

Other information to assist with preparation of applications

You can also contact Council’s Planning Services on 9433 3343.

Other fire preparedness information

See Council's preparing for fire for other fire preparedness information.