Planning pre-application meeting

Why should I request a pre-application meeting? 

Council has a dedicated pre-application planning service, which is offered to applicants for free.

Before you submit your application you are encouraged to have a pre-application meeting to review your proposal with Council.

Our collaborative planning advisory service, starts with constructive discussions about your preliminary plans to identify any issues as early as possible, so that you have a path forward to obtain a planning permit for your proposal. For the process to work in an efficient way, this collaborative approach will seek a mutually agreeable way forward and encourages you to work with officers when issues and recommendations are offered by Council officers.

The pre-application service can provide benefits for all parties, including:

  • information to applicants on what elements of a proposal are likely to be acceptable or unacceptable;
  • improvements in the quality of information provided with your planning application;
  • reduction in time delays resulting from requests for further information and changes to the design of a proposal;
  • increased certainty about the outcome of an application;
  • reduction in the number of refused applications (and subsequent VCAT cases);
  • reduction in application processing times

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What should I submit as part of my pre-application meeting request?

  • preliminary plans that show the proposed development and/or use, this may include a site plan and other relevant plans such as elevation plans, floor plans etc;
  • a written detail outlining the proposal, this may include information such as how your proposal respects the site and the surrounding area and how the design considers the site constraints;
  • a current copy of the certificate of title for the land (search within the last 6 months), this will assist in identifying restriction on the land. To do this you can visit Landata and perform an online title search.

What happens after a pre-application meeting?

The Planning officer who attends the pre-application meeting will provide a written response summarising the key points and the information discussed with the applicant during the meeting. These notes are kept on Council's planning property file for future reference should a planning permit application be lodged.

 If you have a pre-application meeting, it is important that you mention this when submitting your planning permit application.

Talk to your neighbours

You may wish to talk to your neighbours before finalising your plans. If they are unhappy with an aspect of your proposal, you may be able to reach a compromise before lodging your planning application.

Being upfront from the start may resolve issues early, which may avoid objections being lodged during the application, or conflict later on. If there are no objections to what you are proposing, it is likely that Council will take less time to process your application.

Is information provided by Council legally binding on Council?

No. Any Council information given at the pre-application meeting is preliminary and general information only in respect of your proposal. It is provided without prejudice to any future decision Nillumbik Shire Council may make in respect of the proposal.

It does not constitute and should not be relied upon as advice, legal or general. Council recommend you seek independent advice on any issues possibly affecting you before acting on any planning matter.

While Council tries to ensure that any information it provides is accurate, adequate and complete, it does not warrant its accuracy, adequacy or completeness. Council is not responsible for any loss suffered as a result of, or in relation to, the use of this Council information.

To the extent permitted by law, Council excludes any liability for the negligence, for any loss including indirect consequential damages arising from, or in relation to any use of Council information given at the pre-application stage.


Any information provided by Council at the pre-application stage is preliminary only. Council will make all reasonable effort to provide clear and accurate information, based on the information presented and the relevant provisions of the Nillumbik Planning Scheme. Please note this this Council information may be impacted by subsequent changes to the design, further information received, referral advice, site inspections, the public notification process and any other change of circumstance.