Tree removal and pruning application

Fast track tree removal - 2 trees or less 

Fees apply to include an arborist report. This form is for planning permit applications seeking the removal of no more than two (2) trees, or the pruning or lopping of an unlimited number of trees where no development, redevelopment, or subdivision is proposed. Otherwise, the standard application for planning permit form must be used.

Fast track - Tree removal and pruning(PDF, 603KB)

This form cannot be used where a miscellaneous consent application is required for vegetation removal pursuant to a Section 173 agreement registered on title.  

For more information see the Fast track tree removal and pruning application page 


Tree removal and pruning application

Use this planning permit form for tree removal and pruning. This form also applies for planning applications concerning tree removal related to, or as a result of, development, redevelopment or subdivision of land. Planning applications for tree removal should include a fee and an aborist report.

Planning Permit - Tree removal and pruning(PDF, 308KB)

Planning Permit - Tree removal and pruning (accessible)(DOC, 148KB)