Open Space Precinct, Graysharps Road, Hurstbridge

Draft Precinct Plan

The Draft Precinct Plan for Graysharps Road, Hurstbridge is ready for display.

Council has been working with the community to develop the Open Space Precinct Plan, after Council abandoned plans to sell the land known as Lot 1 to developers. Members of the community provided feedback on a Discussion Paper based on work completed from the Lot 1 project. This led to obtaining ideas for the precinct with an Idea Tree, launched at the Wattle Festival. Leaves for the Idea Tree were placed around Hurstbridge for the community to write on and put on the tree.

These ideas from were filtered by a Council appointed Project Reference Group, made up of 10 community members. The group developed a criteria matrix to assess each idea which resulted in 57 different ideas for the Precinct. These ideas were taken to interactive workshops, where community members got to map out and design the precinct.

The maps that were put together by the community have been consolidated into one map – the Draft Precinct Plan, which was endorsed by Council on 29 May for public display. This will be on display at the Hurstbridge Community Hub and a range of other places around Hurstbridge from Wednesday 20 June to Sunday 5 August.

A new Bulletin with details of the Draft Precinct Plan and Feedback forms will be made available at each location in July, and mailed to households. Feedback can be submitted online.

Rezoning of Lot 1 to a Public Park and Recreation Zone was deferred until the Precinct Plan had been prepared. There is now sufficient strategic merit to commence the rezoning of this land from TZ to PPRZ and remove the Development Plan Overlay 7. This will be aligned with the final Precinct Plan so that authorisation from the Minister for Planning can be immediately sought after the Final Precinct Plan is adopted by Council. This will allow for the process to be completed in December.

To have your say visit our online engagement portal. Feedback closes Sunday 5 August 2018.

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Project timeline

July 2017

  • Discussion Paper released for consideration

August 2017

  • Establish Project Reference Group

Where do we want to go?

August – September 2017

  • Launch of the Idea Tree at the Wattle Festival

What will we do?

October - November 2017

  • Shortlisting of ideas – develop options based on community feedback and create spatial mapping

November 2017 – January 2018

  • Feasibility – develop high level cost analysis
  • Preparation starts for a Draft Open Space Precinct Plan

Have we got it right? 

May 2018

  • Council endorsed the draft Precinct Plan to be displayed for community feedback 

June - July 2018

  • Display of draft Precinct Plan and zoning – identify the cost of the preferred option(s)
  • Seek community feedback

How will we do it?

September 2018

  • Council adopts final Precinct Plan and implementation plan