St Andrews Township Plan

Work on a Township Plan(PDF, 2MB) for St Andrews began in November 2011. A number of reports were commissioned, including a demographic analysis, site analysis, social needs and facilities assessment, streetscape and pedestrian audit and building design guidelines specific to St Andrews. A traffic and parking study was also undertaken and a final report was produced and adopted by Council in 2013.

St Andrews is situated at the junction of Heidelberg- Kinglake Road and Kangaroo Ground- St Andrews Road, the township features two activity areas either side of the bridge and Smiths Gully Creek.

To the west is an historic hotel well known as a live music venue, a pizza restaurant, a community hall and the reserve where the popular weekly Saturday St Andrews community market, featuring local and district art, crafts and food, is held.

To the east is a small primary school, general store/ post office, church, tennis club, Thai  restaurant and most of the Township’s housing.

The town also has a vibrant community centre capable of hosting a wide variety of community groups and social activities.

There is a significant physical and visual separation between the two activity areas which results in visitor activities focussed on the west side of the bridge and resident activities and services concentrated on the east side. However the community centre and hotel act as anchors on either end of the town, helping to encourage development to occur between them.