Yarrambat Township Plan

Project update July 2019

At the July 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting, it was decided to continue township planning with a simplified revised scope that would remove any housing or residential subdivision components.

Council agreed to investigate a phased approach that involves two stages:

  • Stage 1: A public realm and beautification plan
  • Stage 2: Investigate with the State Government the possibility of a small scale commercial centre for the township.

Stage 1: A public realm and beautification plan

Council is nearing the completion of a draft concept plan for the Yarrambat Township Streetscape.  This draft concept captures opportunities for improved pedestrian and vehicle access, car parking, drainage improvements and beautification.  Council will consult and engage with the community on the draft plan, before reviewing feedback and finalising the concept.   Council anticipates that consultation and engagement will occur later this year.  It is important to note that at this stage, a budget has not been allocated for the implementation of the Yarrambat Township Streetscape Plan.  Council will consider the implementation as part of future budgets.

For more information on Stage 1, please contact Council’s Design team by e-mail nillumbik@nillumbik.vic.gov.au or by contacting Council’s Landscape Architect, Matthew Cornford, on 9433 3134.

Stage 2: Investigate with the State Government the possibility of a small scale commercial centre for the township. 

Council and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has explored the potential rezoning of land to allow for a small scale commercial centre. The State Government has now indicated that rezoning for the purpose of a small commercial centre development would not be supported. Council is continuing to look at ways to support Yarrambat community. For more information on Stage 2 please contact Council’s Strategic Planning team by e-mail strategic.planning@nillumbik.vic.gov.au.


Project update August 2018

In November 2016, the Minister for Planning conditionally authorised a draft planning scheme amendment to progress a township master plan for Yarrambat.  This was to determine the look and feel of Yarrambat’s centre along with a potential increase to housing density around it.

Council officers have been working closely with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to progress the planning scheme amendment.

Since this time, the Minister for Planning’s office along with senior officers from DELWP have indicated that the amendment to the planning scheme would no longer be supported in its current draft form.  The main State policy challenge is any increase to housing density outside the urban growth boundary (UGB).  Yarrambat is not within the UGB and is not identified for substantial housing growth.

At the July 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting, it was decided to continue township planning with a simplified revised scope that would remove any housing or residential subdivision components.

Council also agreed to investigate a staged approach to the preparation of township planning that involves two stages:

  • Stage 1: A public realm and beautification plan
  • Stage 2: Investigate with the State Government the possibility of a small scale commercial centre for the township.

To progress the amendment in its current form, knowing it would not be supported by Government, could have involved planning costs to Council in excess of $1 million. 

Council believes that this revised approach will retain the rural character of Yarrambat, which was the single most consistent theme arising from previous community consultation.  Under this approach there will be no changes to the current minimum subdivision sizes for lots in the township area.  

We anticipate further community consultation based on the beautification plan and the small scaled commercial centre will take place later this year to early next year.

For information, contact Council’s Strategic Planning team by e-mail strategic.planning@nillumbik.vic.gov.au or the Coordinator Strategic Planning, Anthony Calthorpe, on 9433 3212. 

Project update October 2017

Council is pleased to advise that the Yarrambat Township Plan is continuing to move forward.

Earlier this year, Council made the decision to proceed with preparing a detailed Yarrambat Township Plan, but modify the project scope. This decision was made in response to direction from the Minister for Planning.

Through previous public engagement, there is broad consensus to continue to explore the possibilities of some development in Yarrambat, whilst protecting its valued township and rural character.

The next steps include:

  • November 2017 - Council to develop a public engagement strategy for the next stage of the project
  • December 2017 - Explore options as outlined in the Minister’s directions
  • February 2018 - Commence engagement with local community on development of detailed plans

Council is aware that residents have strong opinions and are passionate about the outcome of the township plan. We are committed to increasing community engagement and communications to keep you up to date throughout the process.

There will be a number of opportunities for you to have your say. If you have not already registered your interest in receiving updates by email, and wish to be included in the stakeholder list, please email Strategic.Planning@nillumbik.vic.gov.au or complete the form below.

Project update June 2017

At its meeting on 2 May 2017 Council decided to continue with plans to develop a township plan for Yarrambat: to create a small rural township that services the needs of the local community. Details are in 2 May 2017 Ordinary Council Meeting minutes and agenda.

Work on the township plan is expected to re-commence in the second half of 2017 and there will be multiple opportunities for you to be involved and have your say. The agreed vision and guiding principles and ideas generated during the consultation in 2014 will form the basis of this work.

Once a start date is confirmed, an email bulletin will be sent to all people on the mailing list to advise how and when you can be involved in the development of the township plan. Information will also be published on the website. The main form of contact will be via the email list. Sign up below. We will also write to all Yarrambat residents at least once during the process.

If you are already on the mailing list but would like to update your details email the changes to Strategic.Planning@nillumbik.vic.gov.au

To receive project updates call Strategic and Economic Planning on 9433 3210 or complete the form   

Click here to view form.

Project update July 2016

At its Ordinary Meeting on 22 March Council resolved to commence an amendment to vary the Nillumbik Planning Scheme to formalise the Yarrambat Township. Council did so after considering a recommendation from the Yarrambat Township Advisory Group for a proposed township boundary and concept plan for Yarrambat. See the concept plan in Related Information at the bottom on the page. 

In June Council applied to the Minister for Planning to start an amendment to the Nillumbik Planning Scheme to formalise the Yarrambat Township by applying a new township boundary and inserting a new schedule to the scheme - Development Plan Overlay 8 - to all land within the proposed boundary. If approved, the DPO8 would require the preparation of a detailed development plan and that all future buildings, works and subdivision be in accordance with the plan. 

Council is waiting for the Minister’s decision. There are two possible outcomes: 

  1. If the Minister for Planning agrees to authorise the amendment it would be placed on public exhibition, consultation held and submissions received and, if required, an independent planning panel appointed. At the same time as the amendment is placed on exhibition, Council would work on the detail of the Yarrambat Township Plan using detail from public consultation held in 2015 and working with the Advisory Group.
  2. If the Minister does not consent to authorise the amendment then the project will be re-scoped in conjunction with the Advisory Group and will focus on small scale urban infrastructure improvements such as planting and footpaths. 

The proposed boundary and proposed concept plan have no status in the Nillumbik Planning Scheme. They are proposals.  

A Plan for Yarrambat

In 2014 Council began working on a Township Plan for Yarrambat as identified in Council's Green Wedge Management Plan. It was recognised that Yarrambat is a residential area with a distinct centre that contains a hall, sporting oval, church, cafe and school.

The purpose of a township plan is to provide a framework for how Yarrambat is to be in the future: specifically, how land is used and what level of development is acceptable. It also specifies the type of urban design needed to achieve the desired character of the township. A township plan guides all public and private sector actions related to land use and built form, movement networks, public spaces and infrastructure provision. It is a way of taking control of the township’s future.

The first stage of the project was to conduct a range of studies to find out what demands and challenges face the township. These included land use and availability; site analysis and neighbourhood context; demographics; community infrastructure; traffic and parking; flora, fauna and heritage.

The next step was to integrate the findings and their implications into a paper for discussion with the wider Yarrambat community - the Yarrambat Issues and Options Paper. The Paper highlighted key issues facing the township in the areas of housing; transport; economy; environment; sewerage, water and social needs. A key factor which emerged from these findings is how much economic development is desirable while still maintaining the valued character of Yarrambat township.

Consultation for the Yarrambat 'Township' Issues and Options Paper was held in May-June 2014 where more than 200 people gave their views and opinions on the future of Yarrambat. These views directly informed the vision and guiding principles for Yarrambat that will shape development of the township plan.

The Yarrambat Issues and Options Paper was placed on public exhibition from May to July 2014. Two workshops, held on 11 and 25 June 2014, were attended by 181 people and 23 submissions were also received. The notes and feedback from the two workshops have been transcribed and are available for download by clicking on the links below. The outcomes of this consultation led to the development of the Vision and Guiding Principles adopted by Council in April 2015.

The broad consensus emerging for the development of a draft township plan supports change in Yarrambat. There is positive support to improve opportunities for social interaction, trails, public transport and infrastructure. There is qualified support for increased housing diversity and local commerce including shops and services contingent on protecting the valued character of Yarrambat.

Council appointed an Advisory Group in September 2015 to provide a sounding board for proposals, draft strategies and consultation input in regard to development of the Yarrambat Township Plan. The adopted Terms of Reference can be found in Related Documents at the bottom of the page.

Vision and Guiding Principles

Adopted by Council's Policy and Services Committee 14 April 2015

Yarrambat is a small rural settlement valued for its green open spaces and rural, village feel which is characterised by:

  • Having 'the best of both worlds' - a country life in green, rural, open space close to the city
  • Development which is sympathetic to the rural character
  • A township with a local shopping centre potentially including a small supermarket with some specialist retail to serve the needs of local residents
  • Being known as a township which brings people together: urban design creates more opportunities and public spaces for people to meet and interact
  • Having a pedestrian and cycling friendly environment to get around and use for leisure and recreation
  • Limited expansion for housing to provide diversity for downsizing and allow people to remain in the community
  • Urban design that creates opportunities for public transport and parking to be integrated into the design of the township