Request neighbouring property ownership details

If you want to build or repair a dividing fence, you will need to talk to the person who owns the neighbouring property.

If you need to locate the owner, you can make a request to Council for the property ownership details.

Properties with an owners corporation

If the neighbouring property is affected by an owners corporation (for example, a property with flats, apartments or units), you will need to contact the owners corporation directly. The owners corporation contact details will be displayed on a letterbox or sign on the property.

How to apply

Apply online

Step 1.Make sure you are eligible

To make a request, you must be the owner of the neighbouring property. The request must also be for the purpose of building a fence on the boundary of your property in accordance with the Fencing Act 1968 (Vic)

Step 2.Submit the online form

Request property ownership details >

What happens next?

Your submission has been forwarded to the Rates and Valuations team who will process your request within three business days. A response will be sent to the email address you provide on the online form.