Recycling and waste reduction

Reducing the amount of waste that your business creates can reduce associated waste management costs and prevent items from going to landfill unnecessarily.

Conduct a business waste audit to comprehend your organisational waste, adhere to regulatory guidelines, and identify cost-effective steps to minimise waste.

Sustainability Victoria provides guidance to businesses that wish to minimise environmental impact by effectively managing waste through proper recycling and disposal practices. This not only keeps valuable materials out of landfills but also supports the economy by recovering materials and protects natural resources in the process.

Use our A-Z recycling guide to find out how to recycle or dispose of unwanted items in Nillumbik. We regularly update this guide when changes occur, or new services become available. 

Similarly, Planet Ark's recycling directory and education hub provides comprehensive reuse and recycling information relevant to the user's location.

There are a number of sector specific initiatives that operate in Melbourne, most of which operate on a fee for service basis.

Some of these are as follows:


Hair and beauty



General commercial waste

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