Problems with neighbourhood pets

Photo of a dog barking


If you have a problem with a neighbourhood dog or cat, the first step is to talk to the owner of the pet. They may not even be aware of the problem and it gives them a chance to fix it. 

If the pet continues to be a nuisance, you can contact Nillumbik Shire Council for advice.

To find out more about resolving problems with neighbourhood pets, you can also read Victoria Legal Aid's guide Dogs, cats, neighbours and you.


Dogs and cats on your property

If a dog or cat enters your property without permission, talk to the owner of the pet about the problem.

Make sure that you also:

  • secure your gates, doors and windows 
  • avoid leaving pet food or other food outside
  • talk to your local pet shop or plant nursery about products that keep animals away.

If the dog or cat continues to enter your property without permission, you can contact Council to discuss other options such as cat trapping. Call 9433 3111 during business hours.


Barking dogs

If a neighbour’s dog is causing a noise nuisance, you may be able to complain to Council. 

To be considered a nuisance, barking must:

  • be persistent over time, and
  • unreasonably disturb your usual activities. 

Before contacting Council, try talking to the owner of the dog about the problem if you feel comfortable doing so.

Report a barking dog

If you own a dog that barks, visit the Animal Welfare Victoria website for advice on solving excessive barking problems.


Wandering dogs and cats

To report a wandering dog or cat, call 03 9433 3111 during business hours.

If it is outside of business hours, you can use our pager service (03 9433 3334) to report a dog that is:

  • aggressive, or
  • has been contained