Doing business with Council

Council works with hundreds of external suppliers, contractors and businesses each year and regularly enters into competitive arrangements for the purchase of works, goods and services needed to provide 'best value' procurement outcomes to ratepayers and others in the municipality via a formal request for quote or a public tender process.

Council is committed to conducting its sourcing processes with fairness and probity in accordance with Victorian State Government Guidelines for Procurement Best Practice, and guarantees the commercial confidentiality of any individual or Company submitting a quote or tender for Council services.

Nillumbik Shire Council uses VendorPanel Marketplace to find local suppliers and to invite them to quote on required works or goods and services and also uses VendorPanel to issue Public Tenders.

It's entirely free for suppliers and, once registered, your business profile will be visible to Nillumbik Shire Council buyers and to other Marketplace buyers searching the Marketplace.

Registering provides you with an opportunity to do business with Council but does not automatically make you a supplier to Council.

Register for VendorPanel

To register to become a supplier on VendorPanel, get started in four easy steps.

  1. Register via the VendorPanel Marketplace.
  2. Select the most appropriate category for your business.
  3. Click on the link in your email to complete your profile and be visible to buyers.
  4. Create a great supplier profile - to find out more read the guide to creating a compelling business profile(PDF, 160KB).

Note: if you are an existing VendorPanel registered supplier, you still need to register in the Marketplace to get notified of opportunities. It’s easy and will be linked to your existing profile by using the same account details (email and password) to request an invitation to register into Marketplace.

Need help registering?

This short video will guide you through the registration process, including how to register to multiple lists and complete your profile so it is visible to buyers.



Quotations will be sourced via VendorPanel Marketplace. To have an opportunity to receive an invitation to quote, suppliers must be registered on VendorPanel.

Public tenders

In accordance with Section 108 of the Local Government Act 2020, Council issues public tenders as per Council's published Procurement Policy(PDF, 1002KB).

Council issues public tenders via VendorPanel. Council may also advertise tenders in The Age.

Ethical standards

Communities rightly expect the highest levels of good governance and ethical standards from all levels of government. As a result, councils take any suggestion of anti-competitive, collusive, dishonest or corrupt behaviour very seriously.

All suppliers to councils are expected to maintain the highest standards of behaviour and avoid all conduct that does not promote fair competition and dealings.

Anything that may be construed as an attempt to gain preferential treatment is strictly prohibited.

Suppliers should be careful when approaching Councillors regarding procurement. Councillors have strict conflict of interest rules governing their involvement in commercial dealings, and it is the council officers who are responsible for purchasing and tendering operations.

Legislation limits council officers from receiving gifts, entertainment or services of a value that may exceed $500 over the course of a five-year period.

 Additionally, Nillumbik Shire Council discourages offers of gifts or hospitality from any of our suppliers.

Disclaimer regarding tenders

  • Closing dates and times for tenders are strictly enforced
  • Late tenders will not be accepted
  • Council does not accept tenders by mail, fax, e-mail or hardcopy hand delivered and any such submission will be treated as non-compliant and will be rejected
  • Council will only accept tenders electronically using the electronic tender system referred to on this website
  • Council reserves the right not to accept the lowest tender, or to accept more than one tender
  • Tenderers must not to rely on electronic versions of plans or drawings. Tenderers must not use or rely on plans or drawings obtained electronically as they may not be accurately reproduced. This includes without limitation plans and drawings from this website.

Current public tenders

Current open public tenders issued by Council

Awarded public tenders 

List of awarded tender contracts within the previous 12 months

Further information or assistance

For general procurement related queries please contact the Council’s Procurement unit by emailing procurement@nillumbik.vic.gov.au.

For any VendorPanel platform related issues, please contact VendorPanel Support by emailingsupport@vendorpanel.com.au or call 03 9095 6181.