Request a pool or spa inspection

Once your swimming pool or spa has been registered, you will receive a registration confirmation letter from Council. The registration confirmation letter will specify the date by which your pool/spa safety barrier must be inspected, and when the associated compliance certificate needs to be lodged with Council.

Pool/spa inspections must be carried out by a registered building surveyor or building inspector such as those employed by Council or a private provider of your choosing.  

How to request an inspection

Apply online

Step 1.Make sure your pool is registered

An inspection can only be booked after your pool/spa has been registered with Council and you have received your pool/spa registration confirmation letter. Find out more about registering your pool/spa.

Step 2.Allow enough time

Your pool/spa registration confirmation letter will tell you what date you need to lodge your Certificate of Barrier Compliance. Ensure that you book an inspection early enough to allow time for any defects to be corrected, including further inspections if required.

Step 3.Carry out a self-assessment of your pool/spa barrier

This will help you to determine if pool/spa barrier is in good working condition and meets safety regulations.

If you answer ‘no’ to any question in the checklist, it is likely that your pool/spa barrier is not compliant. We recommended that you make any repairs as soon as possible, and book an inspection once any issues have been rectified.

Use the relevant checklist below to carry out the self-assessment.

Step 4.Have your details ready

You will need to provide the barrier standard that applies to your pool/spa, which can be found on your pool/spa registration confirmation letter.

Step 5.Complete the online form

This form will take approximately five minutes to complete.

Request a pool/spa inspection 


Prices include GST

  • $371.95 (includes one inspection and issuance of the Certificate of Barrier Compliance)
  • $150 for each additional inspection (if required) 

What happens next?

After we receive your online booking request, an invoice will be issued to you via email within five business days. This will also confirm the date and time of the inspection.

After the inspection

If your barrier is found to be compliant, a Certificate of Barrier Compliance will be issued. The certificate must be lodged with Council within 30 days. If you consent, we will lodge the certificate for you. If you would prefer to lodge the certificate yourself, you can do so via our website.

If your barrier is found to be non-compliant with minor issues, a report will be provided outlining what needs to be fixed and by when. Your pool/spa will then need to be reinspected before a Certificate of Barrier Compliance can be issued.

If your barrier is found to be non-compliant with major issues, a Certificate of Barrier Non-Compliance will be issued. You will need to lodge this to Council and pay the associated fee (currently $390.80). Your barrier will then need to be made compliant and reinspected.

Please note that issuing and lodging a Certificate of Barrier Compliance or Non-Compliance is a legislative requirement, and applies regardless of whether your pool/spa inspection was carried out by a private inspector/surveyor, or by Council.