Planning fees

Applications for permits and applications to amend permits

Please note: under Regulations 10 and 13 of the Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations, statutory fees are cumulative. If your application falls into several categories, the highest fee and 50% of each of the other fees which would have applied if separate applications were made are payable.  

Class  Type of application Permit application fee Fee to amend existing permit
Class 1 Use (includes change of use, liquor licence and car parking waiver)  $1,415.10 $1,415.10
Class 2 Amendment to change the statement of what the permit allows, or to change any or all of the conditions (does not apply if amending a permit for a single dwelling on a lot)    N/A $1,415.10

Single dwelling

To develop, use and develop, or undertake development ancillary to the use of land for a single dwelling on one lot. This includes the removal of tree/s and demolition of a heritage dwelling or outbuilding. (This category does not apply to VicSmart applications, applications to subdivide or consolidate land, or applications for single dwellings with a cost of buildings and works greater than $2 million.)

Class 2 Cost of development is $10,000 or less $214.70 $214.70
Class 3 Cost of development is $10,001 to $100,000  $675.80 $675.80
Class 4 Cost of development is $100,001 to $500,000 $1,383.30 $1,383.30
Class 5 Cost of development is $500,001 to $1,000,000 $1,494.60 $1,494.60
Class 6 Cost of development is $1,000,001 to $2,000,000 $1,605.90 $1,494.60


A permit that is the subject of a VicSmart application
Class 7 Cost of development is $10,000 or less
$214.70 $214.70
Class 8 Cost of development is more than $10,000 $461.10 $461.10
Class 9 VicSmart application to subdivide or consolidate land $214.70 $214.70
Class 10 VicSmart application (other than a Class 7, 8 or 9 permit) $214.70 $214.70

Other development

To develop land including commercial development, multi-dwellings, signs, demolition of buildings (other than dwellings and associated outbuildings), removal of trees, etc. This category does not apply to applications for or relating to a single dwelling per lot (unless the cost of buildings and works is greater than $2 million), VicSmart applications or applications to subdivide or consolidate land.

Class 11 Cost of development is $100,000 or less $1,232.30 $1,232.30
Class 12 Cost of development is $100,001 to $1,000,000
$1,661.60 $1,661.60
Class 13  Cost of development is $1,000,0001 to $5,000,000
$3,665.00 $3,665.00
Class 14 Cost of development is $5,000,001 to $15,000,000
$9,341.30 $3,665.00
Class 15 Cost of development is  $15,000,001 to $50,000,000 $27,546.80 $3,665.00
Class 16 Cost of development is more than $50,000,000
$61,914.60 $3,665.00


Class 17 Subdivide an existing building $1,415.10 $1,415.10
Class 18 Subdivide land into two lots $1,415.10 $1,415.10
Class 19 Realignment of a common boundary between lots or consolidate two or more lots $1,415.10 $1,415.10
Class 20 To subdivide land ($1318.10 for each 100 lots created) $1,415.10 $1,415.10
Class 21

To create, vary or remove a restriction within the meaning of the Subdivision Act 1988; or
To create or remove a right of way; or
To create, vary or remove an easement other than a right of way; or
To vary or remove a condition in the nature of an easement (other than a right of way) in a Crown grant 

$1,415.10 $1,415.10


Class 22 A permit not otherwise provided for in the regulations $1,415.10 $1,415.10


Amending an application after it has been advertised

Regulation  Type of application Fee
Regulation 12 Section 57A - Amend an application for a permit or an application to amend a permit after the application has been advertised (prior to a decision being made) 
  • 40% of the application fee for that class of permit or amendment to permit
  • where the class of application changes, resulting in a higher application fee, the difference between the original fee and the fee for the new class also applies  


Other matters

Regulation Type of application Fee
Regulation 15 Certificate of Compliance $349.80
Regulation 16 Amend or end a Section 173 agreement


Regulation 18 Satisfaction matters $349.80


Subdivision certification

Regulation Purpose Fee
Regulation 6 Certification of a plan of subdivision $187.60
Regulation 7 Alteration of plan $119.30
Regulation 8 Amendment of certified plan $151.10


Amendments to the Planning Scheme

Stage Description  Fee
Stage 1 

a) Considering a request to amend a planning scheme; and
b) taking action required by Division 1 of Part 3 of the Act; and
c) considering any submissions which do not seek a change to the amendment; and
d) if applicable, abandoning the amendment   



Stage 2

a) Considering submissions which seek a change to an amendment and where necessary referring the submissions to a panel;
b) providing assistance to a panel ; and
c) making a submission to a panel; and
d) considering the panel’s report; and
e) after considering submissions and the panel’s report, abandoning the amendment:  

i) up to 10 submissions
ii) 11 to 20 submissions
iii) more than 20 submissions

i) $16,233.90

ii) $32,436.00

iii) $43,359.30

Stage 3 a) Adopting the amendment or a part of the amendment; and
b) submitting the amendment for approval by the Minister; and
c) giving the notice of the approval of the amendment 


Stage 4 a) Consideration by the Minister of a request to approve the amendment; and
b) giving notice of approval of the amendment  


The fees for stages 1, 2 and 3 are paid to the planning authority.

The fee for stage 4 is paid to the Minister.  


Metropolitan Planning Levy

A Metropolitan Planning Levy is payable to the State Revenue Office for all planning applications where the Cost of Development exceeds $1,207,000 (threshold for 2023-2024).

A copy of the certificate issued, once paid, is required to be submitted (if applicable) with your planning application.

Refer to the State Revenue Office for further information.


Other fees

These fees/charges have been adopted by Council and are mandatory.

Type  Fee
Planning Information Request (do I need a Planning Permit?)  
Planning permit search information for dates and decisions only (per property) 

Search/copy planning permits and endorsed plans

Fee includes up to five A1 size plans Additional copy charges apply for extra plans 

1 permit
2 permits
3 or more permits

Plans required by permit condition(s)/landscape plans  

First submission of plans to satisfy condition/s
Any subsequent submissions of plans
No fee

Extension of time to planning permit

First request
Subsequent requests

Secondary consent

Up to three itemised changes
Four or more itemised changes

Other requests and consents

Miscellaneous Consent (173) residential and non-residential
Fast track tree removal (two trees or less)



Objections (applicants only)
A4 copies (each)
A3 copies (each)
A1 copies (each)

No fee

Local Laws amenity fees

Application to remove up to 2 trees on private land (includes assessment by Council Arborist)

Application to remove more than 2 trees on private land (applicant to provide the arborist report)

Extension of time to a local law tree removal permit