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Our parking and traffic laws exist to ensure the safe and fair use of our roads. For detailed information on traffic laws, see the VicRoads website.

Where you can park in Nillumbik

Drivers have a range of parking options across Nillumbik. Most streets and roads are unrestricted, however some retail precincts and business areas have time-restricted parking.

Websites and apps such as Parkopedia provide useful information about parking locations.

Unrestricted on-street parking

Most residential streets in Nillumbik have unrestricted on-street parking. Anyone may park in a designated parking area at any time of the day. However, if a vehicle has not been moved in 14 days, it may be considered to be abandoned or derelict and may be issued a fine/infringement.

If a registered vehicle is left parked and unmoved for more than 60 days it may be towed away. A notice to the registered owner will be issued before any action is taken.

Vehicles greater than 7.5 metres in length or 4.5 tonnes in weight should not be parked on residential streets for longer than one hour.

Parking demand in residential areas is monitored and where the demand for parking is high, residents may be surveyed and on-street parking restrictions may be introduced. To request a review of parking in your area, contact Council’s Traffic and Transport team on 03 9433 3111 or

Restricted on-street parking

There are a number of different types of parking restrictions that may be introduced to regulate street parking in areas. These include:

  • Time-restricted parking, for example, two, three, four or five hour parking restrictions
  • Permit parking
  • Special needs parking such as Loading and Bus Zones and Disabled areas
  • People with disabilities and commercial traders may be eligible for parking permits in time-restricted parking areas.

See a list of restricted parking spaces in Eltham.

Parking at Council Offices

Parking restrictions at the Civic Centre and other Council buildings are strictly enforced. Please observe the parking restrictions when you visit Council offices.

Where you cannot park in Nillumbik

You cannot stop or leave a vehicle parked if the Road Safety Road Rules Victoria (2017) do not allow it.

The most common illegal parking situations in Nillumbik are parking:

  • For longer than the time allowed on the parking sign.
  • In a permit zone where the correct permit is not displayed or no permit is visible.
  • Double parking
  • In a school crossing zone
  • Too close to an intersection or pedestrian crossing
  • Across a lane or private driveway
  • Leaving less than 3 metres of road clear for traffic
  • On the wrong side of the road (facing opposite the direction of travel)
  • On a footpath, naturestrip or reservation
  • In a no stopping zone
  • In a bus or transit lane
  • Opposite continuous white lines

To find out more about how to park legally, visit the VicRoads website.

Motorcycle parking

You may legally park a motorcycle on the footpath. To park your motorcycle on a footpath:

  • Dismount and walk your motorcycle while you are on the footpath
  • Make sure your motorcycle is at least one motorcycle length out from the building line to allow free passage of pedestrians (this is important as people with a visual and/or physical impairment may use the building line for navigation)
  • Park at least one motorcycle wheel diameter back from the road kerb to allow pedestrians free access to and from the road and to parked vehicles (you can leave less space between your motorcycle and the kerb if you park next to a ‘No Stopping’ zone)

Do not park your motorcycle:

  • Where signs indicate that footpath parking is banned for motorcycles
  • Opposite any parking bay reserved for people with disabilities (marked with a wheelchair sign and symbol)
  • Where space is reserved for footpath activities such as street cafes
  • On or near service access points such as manhole covers, post boxes or rubbish bins
  • Near taxi ranks or bus and tram stops
  • In a spot that will obstruct other people’s access to a ticket machine or meter
  • On private property without permission from the property owner
  • In ‘No Stopping’ areas for motorcycles. 

Permit zones and trader's parking permits

A number of parking spaces in Eltham and Diamond Creek are reserved for owners and employees of local businesses.

Parking in these permit zones requires a trader's parking permit.

The permit zones are:

  • Eltham business zone
  • Eltham Woolworths car park
  • Eltham Liquorland car park
  • Diamond Creek Plaza zone - Wensley Street
  • Diamond Creek Station Shopping Centre zone - George Street

Apply for a trader's parking permit

Accessible parking permits

Accessible (disabled) parking permits are available for drivers or passengers with a disability and organisations that transport people with disabilities. 

Applications for Accessible Parking Permits are processed through the VicRoads Victorian Accessible Parking Permit Scheme.

Apply for an Accessible Parking Permit

Parking infringements

If you park illegally, or park for longer than specified on a parking sign, you may be issued with an infringement.

All parking restrictions in Victoria are set by State Government Legislation. When an infringement notice is issued, Council follows the process set out in the Infringements Act 2007.

Pay a parking fine

For more information including how to request a review, arranging a payment plan, and what happens to overdue fines, see Infringements.