View advertised applications for a planning permit

Before we make decision about a planning permit application, we may make the application public (or 'advertise' it). This allows the community to comment in support of or to object to a proposal.

We make advertised applications available to view in our offices and online so people can review the details of the proposal. If you access those documents you must not distribute them or breach any copyright.

Look up an application online


Step 1.Find the application by address or application number

To find an application for a planning permit, you will need the address of the property or the application number.

Step 2.View currently advertised applications 

To see the details of the application click on the application number. You may notice that some images and text may been redacted (blacked out). This is to protect the privacy of the applicant.

Make a submission – comment on the application

You may agree with and want to comment in support of an application. If you think you will be affected by a planning permit you can object. Go to make a submission to a planning application.