Planning application checklists

Use these checklists to prepare and provide the information, plans and reports needed to apply for a planning permit.

Application type Use this for
Change the use of the land (01P)
Use this type if you require a permit for a liquor licence, food and drink premise, medical centre, indoor recreation centre, industry or other land use. Use this type if your proposal does not include any buildings or works that require a planning permit.
Change of the use of the land to a commercial use and associated buildings and works (02P) Change use of the land to an aged care facility, child care centre, offices, factory, shops etc. The proposal includes buildings and works that require a planning permit.
Build more than one dwelling on a property (03P) This includes apartments, units, townhouses, dual occupancy or a second dwelling. This can also include subdivision of the land into additional lots.
Build a new house, extend a house, build a shed or outbuilding, earthworks, swimming pool, tennis court or small second dwelling (05P) Do not use this type if you want to build a new house in a Rural Conservation or Green Wedge Zone (see application type 07P). Use this type to extend a house or for other buildings or works in the Rural Conservation or Green Wedge Zone.
Buildings and works associated with existing commercial uses (06P) Buildings and/or works related to an existing aged care facility, child care centre, offices, shops or other commercial land use.
Build a new house in a Rural Conservation Zone or Green Wedge Zone (07P) Only use this type if your property is within these zones and you are building a new house on vacant land.
Remove, destroy or lop tree/s or vegetation (10P) An unlimited amount of vegetation can be applied to be removed under this application and an arborist report must be submitted.
Fast track tree removal application to remove, destroy or lop no more than 2 trees (10FP) A maximum of two trees to be removed and unlimited pruning of vegetation where you use Council's arborist to provide the assessment. This type cannot be used if the vegetation to be removed is protected by a Section 173 Agreement on the land (this is a ‘Miscellaneous Consent’).

Subdivide land, boundary re-alignment or consolidation (14P)

Subdivide land into additional lots, realign boundary and consolidate land.
Put up a sign (17P) Display a sign/s in relation to a use carried out on the land (does not include A-frame signs on Council land).
Use my home to operate a home based business (18P) Ask us if you need a permit - some businesses can operate at home without a permit.
To amend a Section 173 Agreement that is registered on title (19P) Council will need to approve your proposal in principle. Please contact our Planning Services team prior to lodging your application.

Other types of planning applications and requests include miscellaneous consent, amend an application or request to extend the permit time period.

Next steps

When we receive your application it will be assigned to one of our planners, who will begin the assessment process.