Local food production

Local Food Connect

Local Food Connect facilitates a direct link between growers and consumers, promoting sustainability through the preference for locally produced goods. Their website provides comprehensive information including details for local food choices to help reduce carbon emissions and support community-driven agriculture.

The Eltham Farmer's Market, a key initiative of Local Food Connect, features stallholders exclusively from Victoria, with a significant number from North-East Melbourne.

Sustainable Gardening Australia

Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) is a not-for-profit, non-government organization dedicated to achieving a healthy biodiverse planet and vibrant, sustainable communities.

Its principal purpose is to:

  • encourage, educate and enable home and professional gardeners to adopt sustainable gardening practices to protect or enhance the natural environment or a significant aspect of it, and
  • provide information or education, or carry on research about, the natural environment or a significant aspect of it.

Land Management Incentive Program Grants

Applications now open for the Land Management Incentive Program Grants. The program offers residents and community groups with financial support (and advice) for sustainable land management activities that have positive environmental and/or sustainable land management outcomes. 

Council also offers other rebates to assist landowners manage the natural environment on their properties. These include The Sustainable Agricultural Rebate and the Trust for Nature Rebate.

Workshops at Edendale Farm

Edendale Farm hosts a diverse array of expert workshops, delving into essential topics like permaculture, pest management, fruit tree pruning, water management, composting and indigenous planting. Elevate your knowledge and skills through immersive sessions led by seasoned professionals in sustainable practices.

Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) is a grassroots organisation led by farmers, dedicated to promoting socially equitable and environmentally sustainable food and agriculture systems. AFSA actively advocates for democratic involvement of Indigenous Peoples, smallholders, and local communities in decision-making processes to ensure fair and inclusive practices within the food and agriculture sector. 

FOOPL, part of AFSA, supports new farming ventures on existing and underutilised land, focusing on aiding young farmers with skills for success.

The Future of Agriculture in Nillumbik

Find out more about the Future of Agriculture in Nillumbik action plan.

Tune in to our Your Business is our Business podcast series to learn more about cultivating regenerative food systems in Nillumbik.

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