Keeping active


Regular exercise and physical activity are important to the physical and mental health of almost everyone, including older adults. Being physically active can help you continue to do the things you enjoy and stay independent as you age. Regular physical activity over long periods of time can produce long-term health benefits

There are so many opportunities to participate in physical activity and exercise across Nillumbik Shire. To help, we have compiled a list of some of the available activities below.

Seniors Exercise Equipment – Andrew Pocket Park

An age-friendly outdoor space, specifically designed for older people to use and enjoy. The Park features a range of outdoor equipment designed for older people to help improve balance, strength, functional movement, and joint range of motion and mobility.

Find out more about the park.

Be in Motion - exercise at home

Are you looking to improve your fitness and health from the comfort of your own home? Are you 55 and over and currently not doing 30 minutes of physical activity each day? 

Find out more about the Be in Motion program - a gentle exercise guide aimed at improving the four pillars of health for adults: balance, strength, aerobic and flexibility. 

Diamond Valley Sports & Fitness Centre 

44 Civic Drive, Greensborough VIC 3088

Diamond Valley Sport & Fitness Centre Senior’s program has been designed specifically for the over 60’s. All programs are low impact and help build muscular strength, increase mobility and balance, increase endurance and keep you moving, all in a safe, social and friendly environment.

Senior Classes run on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s between 11am and 1pm.

Qualified staff are always on hand to make sure your progress at an appropriate rate base don your goals and fitness levels. 

For more information visit the DVSFC website 

Diamond Creek Community Centre

28 Main Hurstbridge Rd, Diamond Creek VIC 3089

Diamond Creek Community Centre offer an Active Adults program that helps older adults get active or stay active with a large range of resistance, movement and strength building classes for people looking to begin or prolong their fitness journey. With over 10 Active Adult classes and many more that are suitable for over 55’s there is sure to be something for everyone at the Diamond Creek Community Centre.

Visit the Diamond Creek Community Centre website to find out more.

Yarrambat Park Golf Course

649 Yan Yean Rd, Yarrambat VIC 3091

9-hole ‘big bash’ style seniors competition - every Thursday at 11:30am. Applies to players over the age of 65+. Modified rules to increase accessibility.

Competitions also include a social get together (coffee/lunch) after the games to hear how everybody featured and clarify any rules or issues that may have arisen.

For more information visit the Yarrambat Park Golf Course website or contact 03 9436 2201.

University of the Third Age (U3A)

Nillumbik U3A provide a wide range of creative, educational, and recreational opportunities for mature aged people in our community. Registration is low cost and classes are held in a friendly and informal environment at multiple locations within Nillumbik Shire.

Activities include:

Ch'i Kung Gentle Exercise

Flowing, gentle movement exercises integrated with breathing, suited to seniors' needs, and guidance and practice of meditative and healing principles to balance exercising with rest and assimilation. Enjoyable traditional 5 Animals Movements cycle, and introduction to the art of Tai-chi. Movements are quiet and slow to facilitate awareness -no fast moving or pressure.

Gentle Exercise

A gentle exercise program that incorporates aerobic, strength using resistance bands, stretching, coordination, balance and agility in a fun way. Please wear loose comfortable clothing, training shoes and bring water to drink.

Gentle Walking Group

Anyone interested in joining a group of slower walkers who can enjoy the outdoors in the safety and security of others.  Walks will take place in a variety of places on well made tracks away from the sound of traffic and will be 30 minutes - to an hour, followed by a visit to a nearby cafe.   Evening walks during daylight saving would be an option.  Various locations between Hurstbridge and Westerfolds Park.

Golf for Fun - 9 Holes

Social golf for fun and fitness - 9 holes  BYO golf clubs, Green Fees Apply at Yarrambat Golf Club. Classes now held on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Table Tennis

If you would like to play social games of table tennis this is the fitness class for you. There will be no teaching, no competition, just having a good time.  Two tables available. 12 persons rotate on and off the table. Each person plays an aggregate of 1hr. and watches on for an aggregate of 30 minutes interspersed through the session.

Tai Chi Practise Group

Tai Chi is a gentle exercise particularly suited to seniors who like to keep their bodies in shape and it can have a positive effect on mind and body. The slow, smooth and continuous movements are aimed to improve the internal and external strength and balance.

Try Lawn Bowls

Beginners and others who want to try out bowls. U3A player new to the group will pay no extra fee for the term but returning U3A players will be required to pay $4 a week green fee to the bowls club. U3A players who are also EBC Club members will pay no extra fee.

Walking Group

A great way to start the week. You are invited to join our friendly walking group on Monday mornings. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know our district, discover some new areas and work at our fitness at the same time. Walks usually last for an hour to 90 minutes, followed by a visit to a nearby cafe. Suggestions for new walks are welcome


Yoga for every body. The main course served is breath-centred postures and mindfulness, promoting ease of movement and comfort in the body by mobilising stiff joints, relaxing tight muscles and revitalising from the inside out. The main course comes with with a sprinkling of yoga philosophy. The dessert is relaxation. The class is friendly (with a cup of tea afterwards!) and takes place in a beautiful studio with breathtaking views. Amanda can modify any posture according to the individual, so the class is appropriate for experienced and beginners in yoga. You do not have to be strong or flexible to do yoga - all you need to be able to do is breathe!

For more information, course details, timetables or to become a member visit the Nillumbik U3A website. 


At healthAbility exercise groups are designed to support those aged 65 and older. As we age, it is important to stay physically and mentally active for overall health and wellbeing. Regular exercise can help with the maintenance of weight, strengthen bones and muscles and improve balance and coordination. Exercise groups are suitable for everyone including those with chronic health conditions or recovering from injury or illness.

For more information on the wide range of classes and groups offered by healthAbility, visit the healthAbility website or call on 9430 9100.