A Fitting Connection


A Fitting Connection facilitates behaviour change with their range of purposefully designed workshops and programs that engages our schools and community and educates them on the problem and the importance of being more purposeful in their textile ownership and end-of-life disposal.

Fundraising with Purpose

This program works with primary and high school-aged youth as an incursion program, to develop, create and sell new products to raise funds for their school that have all been made from textile waste.

As part of the program, together with volunteers, they will also create a keepsake artwork created from leftover scraps, that can be displayed at their school as a reminder.

The aim is for the students to see that they can create purpose and/or money from what someone had considered waste.


A range of craft-based workshops for libraries, holiday programs, shopping centers & birthday parties. These have been designed as conversation starters with the focus being creating fun with textile waste.

Where suitable many of the workshops also include creating a community artwork piece. This artwork goes on to be a talking and education piece for the venue.


We welcome volunteers to help our schools with the construction of their upcycled products.

Textile Waste

From time to time we accept and request textile waste donations. For more details and an up to date list of acceptable textiles, please refer to our web site