Eltham Learning Centre for Children

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At Eltham Learning Centre, we have been providing the highest level of quality childcare in the area for over twenty years. We understand how important finding the best childcare is for your family’s social and emotional wellbeing. We work closely with our families and the broader community to ensure that your children receive care that is considered best practice and in line with national standards.

Eltham Learning Centre is an owner-operated centre that combines high standards with the very best in nurturing care to create a supportive educational environment that encompasses the needs of all children who attend our centre. We have a wide range of resources perfectly designed to cater for the needs of every child – and we continue to develop new and innovative programs as we grow and learn together.

We’d love to get to know you and your family. Come in for a visit to see our high-quality care in action. You can find us at 1304 Main Road, Eltham. We have an ‘open doors’ policy so come by any time to get a feel for the place and see how we can best accommodate your family’s needs.

Our hours of operation are 7am until 6pm and are designed to suit the needs of modern working families. 


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