Ness Reserve Preschool

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Children learn best through play.  Activities and experiences developed for the children will be play based and encourage them to take on new challenges and achievements in a safe and secure environment. 

Kindergarten tends to focus on lots of sensory experiences and supporting social and emotional development.  Children at this age are just starting to form friendships and are learning new social skills that require practice and sometimes assistance from supportive adults in their environment. 

Ness Reserve fosters happy, self confident children – for they will be able to cope with life and will be eager to learn.  A positive self esteem is something a child will carry with them onto school and though out life.

At Ness Reserve Pre-School we offer both three and four year old kindergarten programs. Currently children attending our four year old program have access to 15 hours of funded kinder and we are excited to announce that beginning in 2022 5 hours of funded kindergarten will be introduced to our three year old program and this will increase to 15 funded hours in 2023.  Government funding helps to reduce the costs of term fees for our kindergarten families. 

Our 2022 timetable will see our three year old children attending 8 hours a week over two days and our four year old children attending 15 hour a week over three days. For those attending our four year old kindergarten program there is also an opportunity to attend our extended care sessions.


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