Request a building or property information certificate

For a fee, property owners, neighbours or other third-parties with written consent can request property information documents online. These are often referred to as Building Regulations 51 (Part 1) and (Part 2).

Building information certificate - Building Regulations 51 (Part 1)

This information is usually requested when buying or selling a property, including:

  • details of any building permits or certificates of final inspection issued in the preceding 10 years
  • whether a combined allotment can be treated as one, and whether any subdivided building is exempt from having to conform to any particular building regulations
  • whether there are any current building notices or orders (these require owners to undertake works to address non-compliant issues with the building)

Property information certificate - Building Regulations 51 (Part 2)

This information is usually requested as the first step in the design process. This information is usually obtained by architects, associated professionals or property owners so that they may ensure the design of proposed building works meets regulatory requirements.

Information includes whether land is in an area:

  • liable to flooding (Regulation 153)
  • considered to have a level of bushfire risk
  • likely to be subject to significant snowfall (Regulation 152)
  • in a designated termite area (Regulation 151)
  • that has been designated for use or works (Regulation 154)

How to apply

Apply online

Step 1.Determine which information is required

You can request:

  • a Building information certificate (Building Regulations 51 [Part 1]),
  • a Property information certificate (Building Regulations 51 [Part 2]), or
  • both a Building information certificate and a Property information certificate

Step 2.Have your details ready

To find the correct certificate details, you will need to provide the street address of the property.

Step 3.Have your credit card ready

Please note we can not accept Diners Club or American Express.

Step 4.Submit the online form and pay the fee

Request a building or property information certificate


There is a cost of $52.10 per certificate. If applying for both 51 (Part 1) and 51 (Part 2), the total cost will be $102.20. These amounts are correct as of 1 July 2024.

Your payment will be process by credit card at the end of the online application form.

What happens next?

Once your online application has been received and your payment has been processed, the required information will be emailed to you.