Amend your application for a planning permit

If you have applied for a planning permit, you may find that you need to change it before we finish assessing it. How you apply to make a change and if there is a fee depends on if the application has already been advertised.

Not advertised - Section 50/50A amendment

If the application has not been advertised, there is no fee for amending the application.

Proposal already advertised - Section 57A amendment

If the application has already been advertised, you must pay a fee to make changes. The fee is 40% of the original application fee. We will calculate the fee amount and send you an invoice when you have submitted your application.

How to amend an application

Step 1.Talk to us

Before submitting your application, discuss your proposed changes with the Planner who is assessing your application. Discuss your reasons for wanting to change your permit application with us before you apply. We can help to make the process easier. Contact Planning Services on 9433 3343.

Step 2.Prepare your documents

You will need to include:

  • description of the changes and reasons you are asking to amend
  • revised plans with changes highlighted clearly.

Step 3.Submit the online form

Make sure you log in to eServices with the details used when you lodged the application.

Your application is listed by application number and address.

Choose the application that you are amending and follow these steps to upload your request to amend:

  1. Select ‘Submit more information or a S50/S50A/57A Amendment’
  2. ‘Click to submit a response to a request for further information or a S50/57A Amendment’
  3. On the next screen look for the Select more information or S50/S50A/S57A Amendment dropdown
  4. Choose from the dropdown S50/50A/57A Amendment
  5. Enter your description of the changes being sought
  6. Attach any files and follow prompts to a confirmation that your request has been submitted.

Amend a planning permit application

Step 4.Pay invoice

If you have submitted a request to change an application that has been advertised (Section 57A) we will email you an invoice. When you pay it the assessment process will continue.

Step 5.Next steps

We will email you a letter confirming your request. This resets the lodgement date and the application goes through the normal assessment process.