Amend your approved planning permit

You can apply to change your approved planning permit. How you apply depends on the extent of the changes you are proposing. 

Talk to us

Discuss what you are proposing to change before you apply. We can help to select the correct amendment type. Call the Planning team on 9433 3343.

Minor permit changes - secondary consent

If you want to make minor changes to your endorsed plans, you apply for secondary consent. These do not change what the permit allows, permit conditions or what has previously been approved. Examples may include:

  • walls or windows relocated
  • building footprint - slight changes
  • materials changes. 

Major permit changes - Section 72 amendment

The assessment of a Section 72 amendment is the same as that for a new planning permit application. 

These include changes to:

  • preamble of permit (describes what the permit allows)
  • permit conditions - amend or delete
  • endorsed plans.

Examples of major amendments include:

  • putting up a new front fence
  • adding a second storey 
  • changing operational hours or patron numbers for a business.

Amending a VicSmart permit 

If your original planning permit has a 'VS' permit number, you will need to request an amendment to a VicSmart permit.

How to apply


Step 1.Talk to us

Discuss your reasons for wanting to amend your permit with us before you apply. We can help to make the process easier. If your planning permit was determined at VCAT, you must contact us first. Contact our Planning Service on 9433 3343.

Step 2.Register with online services

Before you apply, you'll need to create an account for eservices. Most registrations are approved within one business day. You'll only need to register once to submit, track and amend your application.

Register for eservices

Step 3.Prepare your documents

You will need to include with your request:

  • Planning permit number
  • Certificate of Title from Landata copy (dated within the last three months and with a copy of any registered covenants and/or Section 173 agreements)
  • description of the changes and the reason you are requesting them
  • estimated difference in cost between the original and the proposed building and works
  • plans or endorsed documents that have changed - clearly marked with proposed changes
  • any supporting material that may help us assess your application such as an arborist report.

Step 4.Apply online 

If you are ready to submit your amendment. 

Request a Secondary Consent amendment

If you are requesting a Section 72 amendment, choose the right scenario application type:

Application type Use this to 
Single dwelling Make changes to your endorsed plans or conditions of your permit for one house or related to one house on a lot (eg tree removal, extension).
Use/conditions/preamble Make changes to the proposed land use, permit conditions or what your permit allows.
Other application type Make changes to your endorsed plans for all types of applications other than one house or subdivision. Including signage, shops, units etc.
Subdivision Make changes to your endorsed plans or conditions of your subdivision or change of easement permit.

Step 5.Next steps

We assess your request. If you have submitted a secondary consent amendment we may ask you to apply for a Section 72 amendment.

Section 72 amendments are assessed like a new planning permit application. We assess only the proposed amendments, which we may need to advertise or refer to authorities.

If approved we send you an amended permit and endorsed plans.