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If you are wondering if your proposal needs planning approval, talk to us.

We can help you understand:

  • if you should proceed
  • which planning controls apply to your land
  • the possibility of needing a permit.

Call the Planning team on 9433 3343.

Request a free pre-application meeting

If you know you need a planning permit, we can help you make sure that you understand what types of application you need to submit and how to make sure your application is ready to be submitted.

Book a free meeting with one of our planners to ensure your application:

  • addresses key issues 
  • has the information required 
  • meets information quality standards.

A pre-application meeting is optional. A pre-application meeting can help you to understand the likely outcome of an application. It can be very useful for more complex applications such as a childcare centre, unit development or a new dwelling in a rural area.

Getting your application right the first time can make the process simpler. It can also save time during the assessment process and limit the requests for missing information.

Note: only book a pre-application meeting if you have confirmed you require a planning permit. Check if you need a planning permit.

This is a free service.

Before you start

Before you apply, you'll need to create an account for eservices. Most registrations are approved within one business day. You'll only need to register once to submit, track and amend your application.

Register for eservices

Prepare your information

You need to submit:

  • Certificate of Title from Landata copy (dated within the last three months) with a copy of any registered covenants and/or Section 173 agreements
  • summary of what you are proposing on the property.

You may also need to supply (if relevant):

  • concepts plans and drawings - these can be hand drawn or preliminary design plans
  • anything you have ready such as site, floor and elevation plans, arborist or bushfire management reports, traffic engineering assessments etc.

This information and anything else you give us will help us to identify and discuss issues or opportunities to improve your application. 

Request a meeting now

If you have registered to use our online portal and have prepared all of the documents listed above, it’s time to request a pre-application meeting.

Request a meeting

This is a two-step process - you submit your proposal then book your meeting date and time. Meetings can be either online or in person at Council offices.

Next steps

We review your information and prepare a guidance document. It lists the planning controls you will need to consider in your application. You can use this to take notes in the meeting.

No further written advice will be provided.

Find out more about preparing your planning permit application.