Blackberry (Rubus spp.) is a serious weed found throughout Nillumbik. It invades and degrades bushland, pasture and waterways. While its fruits are edible, blackberry is highly invasive and can quickly get out of hand. Controlling blackberry while the infestation is small reduces the requirement for herbicide and prevents large thickets forming habitat for pest animals like foxes and rabbits.

Small infestations (single canes) can be managed by hand removal or cutting and painting (see below).

Council can supply you with a dabber bottle to help you complete this task.

Large infestations are often best tackled by experienced environmental contractors. Blackberries in environmentally sensitive areas may qualify for funding under the Land Management Incentive Program.

For advice about how to manage blackberries on your property, you can call Council’s Land Management Officer, Stephanie Orive on 9433 3207.

The Australian Government has produced the Blackberry Control Manual.

For further resources visit the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce website.