Apply for temporary signage to advertise your event

There are a number of locations around Nillumbik where Council allows temporary signs to be erected for the purpose of promoting community and not-for-profit events.  

Community organisations or not-for-profit groups who are holding a community event in Nillumbik can apply for a permit to erect temporary signage to advertise their event at specified locations around the Shire.

It is against Nillumbik's Local Law to erect an advertising sign without a permit. 

How to apply

Apply online

Step 1.Make sure you allow enough time

Applications must be received at least four weeks before the date you wish to begin advertising.

Step 2.Read the policy

Make sure you are familiar with Council's Temporary and Community Advertising Signage Policy(PDF, 759KB)

The policy outlines:

  • why a permit is required
  • what types of events are allowed to be promoted
  • what types of signage are allowed to be erected
  • a list of allowed signage locations

Step 3.Have your details ready

You will need to provide:

  • details of the proposed sign
  • details about the event
  • public liability insurance certificate of currency (no less than $10 million)

Step 4.Submit the online form

Apply to erect temporary advertising signs

What happens next?

Your booking will need to be confirmed by a member of our community safety team and you will be notified with an email when this occurs. 

All approved signage must be removed within three days after the event has finished.