Hurstbridge Dog Park

Hurstbridge dog park map

The Hurstbridge off leash dog park features a play/runabout zone.

This zone provides a space where dogs can run free and where there are stimulating environments to explore.

Conditions of use

The following conditions of use must be observed when using the park:

  • Dogs must be registered and the registration tag must be on the dog or with the handler at all times.
  • No more than two dogs per adult.
  • Dogs must remain in visual and audible range of their handler to allow it to be effectively recalled at any time.
  • Dog owners must have a means to pick up/remove and dispose of dog droppings.
  • Dog owners must have a dog lead in their possession and put their dog back on lead when leaving the off lead area.
  • Actively supervise your dog and restrain it should it become unruly or should other park users or other dogs show signs of being intimidated by the dog.
  • For their own safety, it is recommended children under five do not enter the park.
  • Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult and not left alone to supervise a dog.
  • No food or drink permitted within the park.
  • People must not play on or near the dog exercising/training equipment.
  • No choker or spiked collars or rough handling techniques to be used within the park.

A Council Ranger may issue an Infringement Notice for a breach of any of the above conditions.

Dogs not allowed off lead

The following dogs are NOT allowed to be off lead in the park:

• Dogs declared menacing, dangerous or a restricted breed must not be allowed off lead, but may be walked on lead while muzzled.
• Dogs that are aggressive to people or other dogs, or are unsocialised and extremely excitable are advised not to be off lead.
• Female dogs on heat are not to be in off lead areas.


12 Arthurs Creek Road, Hurstbridge 3099  View map

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