Reduce your waste

Victoria is working towards shifting to a circular economy to benefit the community, economy and environment. We as individuals can help by reducing the waste we create in the first place.

Here's some local ways you can avoid, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle and buy recycled. If you know of, or are a local business or community initiative promoting waste reduction through its products, services or practices, let us know and we'll add this to the page.


Only buy it if you really need it 

Say NO to single-use items

  • Plastic bags - carry a reusable bag with you

Plastic bag ban
Better bag habits 
Nillumbik Boomerang bags

  • Takeaway bottles - use a reusable drink bottle
  • Disposable cups - drink your hot drink at the café or use a reusable takeaway cup. Find a Responsible Cafe near you that offers a discount if you bring your own clean reusable cup. 
  • Straws - drink straight from the cup or carry a reusable straw with you  
  • Balloons - use bubbles, reusable flags or bunting instead of balloons


Buy items with less packaging

Choose loose fruit and vegetables over wrapped or shop at local markets

Reduce your food waste at home

Buy electronic household items that are higher in quality and last longer

Put a 'no advertising' sign on your letter box 


Choose reusable and refillable items over disposable ones

Use reusable containers and cups for takeaway food and drink

  • Find businesses in your local area that accept reusable containers at Trashless takeaway
  • Local social enterprise Green Karma supplies a wide selection of fresh and healthy pre-made meals and offers discounts when customers provide their own reusable containers
  • Zen Café in Eltham and Earthbound cafe in Eltham also stock beautiful Change Cups created by the local Ceramics Collective 

Use bulk purchasing options for shopping by filling a reusable container

Try supplying reusable containers when shopping at the deli and butchers

Switch to milk in returnable glass bottles

Use reusable nappies and sanitary items

Repair broken items rather than replace

Buy, borrow, donate, sell or give away your good quality unwanted household goods or clothes 


Make unwanted used or broken items into new things

Contact Edendale Farm – they accept some items that could be used in community art activities

Repurpose old sheets beyond repair by cutting up and using as rags or cleaning cloths


Use the kerbside recycling system correctly and make sure there are no recyclable items in your red landfill bin

Recycle all your food waste using a home composting system or your kerbside green bin

Collect any soft plastic packaging and plastic bags and take to Diamond Creek Coles or Eltham Coles and Woolworths

  • Visit REDcycle for more drop off locations

Recycle your e-waste (any unwanted item with a plug, cord or battery) at:

Recycle your clothing though various programs

Edendale accepts a range of items for recycling

Visit Going Green Solutions to recycle: 

  • various items through the Terracycle programs 
  • old bras through Project Uplift
  • mobile phones
  • household batteries
  • printer cartridges

Look up your item on our A-Z Recycling Guide to make sure you are disposing of it correctly

Buy recycled

Buy items made from recycled materials, such as gifts, copy paper and toilet paper

  • Going Green Solutions sells bulk recycled toilet paper, sustainable catering supplies, containers and recycled products

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