Step 3: Assessment

Your business plans determine which permits and registrations you need.

A team member from each relevant department will be assigned to your application. They will contact you to: 

  • Advise the expected timelines to assess your application.
  • Confirm the final fees and payment details.
  • Request further information (if required). To avoid delays in processing your application, please respond to any requests promptly.

To check on the status of your application, contact the Planning and Business Concierge.

Indicative time frame

The time it take for approval depends on the type of permit you need. 


From 2 to 24 months

A planning permit may be required to operate a home business, change the use of an address, add signage or other external building modifications and trade liquor.

Where multiple permits are needed, a current valid planning permit is commonly required to obtain building and health permits.

Depending on the complexity of your business and its proposed location, a planning permit can take up to two years to process. If there is insufficient detail in your initial application, Council may request further information. Please respond to any requests promptly to avoid further delays.

Your planning application may also require public advertising and/or a referral to a State Government regulator


1 to 2 months

A building permit might be required when your building is structurally altered or modified internally (including changes which may impact safety). 

Please note that a planning permit is not the same as a building permit and you may require both for your business. Read about planning and building permits explained.

Environmental Health

1 to 3 months

An environmental health permit registration and certificates are required for a number of business types including those involving:

Community Safety

Up to 2 weeks

Approvals may be required for the following business purposes:

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