Other rebates and incentives for landowners

Council offers rebates to assist landowners manage the natural environment on their properties.

Farm Rebate

The Farm Rate aims to support to farmers in the Shire, particularly in recognition of drought impacts and climate change.

The relief provided is as a lower differential rate to the general rate. The differential rate is decided by Council during the budgeting and rating process and is currently set at 15 per cent below the general rate.

Properties eligible for the Farm Rate need to be identified as ‘Farm Land’ as defined by Section 2(1) of the Valuation of Land Act 1960.  

Please contact the Rates team on 9433 3285 or email nillumbik@nillumbik.vic.gov.au for an application form.

Sustainable Agricultural Rebate

The Sustainable Agriculture Rebate aims to:

  • encourage sustainable agricultural land management practices
  • promote ecological management of rural land
  • encourage the retention of larger rural land holdings
  • protect and enhance the rural landscape character and the natural environment.

To be eligible for the rebate you must:

  • Own a property or aggregate of jointly managed properties with a minimum size of 30 hectares where that land is classified as Farm Land in Section 2 (1) of the Valuations of Land Act 1960 and is receiving the Farm Rate and prepare a property management plan (or equivalent approved document) that specifies a range of activities that will promote sustainable and ecologically sound land and water management to the satisfaction of Council. Council will contact existing recipients to update plans approximately every four years.

The level of the Sustainable Agricultural Rebate is calculated as $15 per hectare of ‘productive agricultural land’ plus $100 per eligible property. The area of agriculturally productive land is usually the total property area minus the area of bushland and domestic zones.

Council is open to negotiating with landholders regarding the exact figure for this area, until a time at which that figure is set within an approved property management plan. For information see the Sustainable Agricultural Rebate Guidelines(PDF, 174KB).(PDF, 125KB)  

Trust for Nature Rebate

A rate rebate is provided to landowners who have placed a Trust for Nature Conservation Covenant on their property.

The rate rebate acknowledges the long-term commitment of these landowners to conserving biodiversity on their land. Landowners currently receive $50 per hectare placed under covenant, with a minimum of $200 and maximum of $500.

For more information email our Land Management Officer at environment@nillumbik.vic.gov.au.