16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence grants awarded

16 Days of Activism

Annually Nillumbik Shire Council leads the wider community in supporting the global 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign.

This global initiative aims to galvanise individuals, communities and organisations to address gender inequalities and eradicate violence against women and girls around the world. The campaign begins each year on 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) and concludes on 10 December (International Human Rights Day).

Small grants up to $500 are annually available to support awareness raising community led projects in the Nillumbik community that will be undertaken during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign.

2023/24 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence Grants

Aligned Leisure

16 Days of Nillumbik
Nillumbik Leisure Facilities will start conversations with their thousands of members and users by 'painting their centres orange' to raise awareness throughout the 16 Days of Activism campaign.

Christmas Hills Primary School

Christmas Hills Primary School Library Resources
Christmas Hills Primary School will purchase a range of books that explore gender equity and challenge rigid gender stereotypes to support the Respectful Relationships education program.

Different Journeys

Calling Out Conversations for the Autistic Community
Different Journeys will produce a range of 16 Days materials to be made available at our social events for the Autistic community throughout the 16 Days of Activism campaign to raise awareness and prompt discussion to further our community's efforts to eliminate gender-based violence.

Eltham South Preschool

Safeguarding Children: Promoting Self-Empowerment for Abuse Prevention
Eltham South Preschool will purchase resources, including books, role-playing aids and learning activities, which explore themes of gender equality, respect and consent.

Firestorm Martial Arts

Senior Empowerment and Self-Protection
This information session and self-protection workshop is specially designed to empower older adults, in particular women, fostering resilience, confidence, and improved physical and mental well-being. The workshop will be tailored to suit all fitness levels and abilities, and focus on situational awareness, de-escalation strategies, and communication skills.

Hoynes Road Playhouse

Dreaming Beyond Boundaries: Nurturing Gender Equality from a Young Age
The Hohnes Road Playhouse will host a fortnight of inspiring playgroup sessions to instil a sense of aspiration and gender equality from an early age, recognizing the profound influence that early childhood experiences can have on shaping children's attitudes and beliefs.

Kangaroo Ground Preschool

Closing the gender gap: Encouraging more girls into STEAM
Kangaroo Ground Preschool will purchase resources to support the children in our 4 year old group, girls in particular, with an interest in STEAM and skills in robotics/coding. Girls' participation in STEAM education also expands their access to jobs in high-growth industries, advancing economic opportunities for women.

Our Lady Help of Christians Eltham

Respect is 365... Our Lady Help of Christians calendar
Our Lady Help of Christians will create a calendar using student artworks responding to the theme 'Respect is...' demonstrating that respectful relationships are year-round and not just for 16 days.

Sacred Heart School, Diamond Creek

Respect is 365... Sacred Heart School Family Calendar
Sacred Heart School will create a calendar using student artworks responding to the theme 'Respect is...' demonstrating that respectful relationships are year-round and not just for 16 days.

Strathewen Primary School

A Celebration of Special Women
Strathewen Primary School will recognise and celebrate notable female figures in their community through a school-wide 'garden party'; style event.

2022/23 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence Grant Recipients

Ferguson Park Preschool

Equality of access to jobs of the future | $449
Materials purchased to equip students, especially girls, with skills in robotics. Coding teaches children to experiment, think logically and creatively, and to try again if their first attempts fail.

Hohnes Road Playhouse

Addressing gender inequalities through preschooler play  |  $496
Dedicated a week of playgroup sessions to promoting gender equity and respectful relationships through story time, craft and intentional play, supporting the and promoting the message of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign.

Meruka Child Care Cooperative

It starts with WE | $500
Event promoting the campaign which included staff wearing orange and offering ribbons, sashes, and orange hairspray to the children, making Respect Victoria bookmarks and giving them to families, baking orange cupcakes and cookies with the children over the course of the 16 days, and using it as an opportunity to talk about gender equity.

Ness Reserve Preschool

Challenging stereotypes from the start | $292
Purchase of books focusing on individuality and breaking down stereotypes to help them to provide access, opportunities and resources for all the children at the kindergarten to promote awareness around gender equality and challenging stereotypes, leading to opportunities for ongoing conversations and questions.

Nillumbik Leisure Facilities

16 Days of Activism T-Shirt Awareness | $500
Purchase of orange t-shirts with the hashtag #16DaysOfActivism for customer facing staff members, demonstrating that their spaces and people are against gendered based violence, and to help start conversations with patrons that could help support and inform the community of ways to help end gendered based violence.

Sacred Heart Primary Diamond Creek

Respect Is... Art Gallery | $500
Provision of student art lessons based on the theme 'Respect Is...' during the 16 Days of Activism. From this, 10 artworks will be chosen to be photographed and reprinted on canvas for a gallery in the entrance to their new building.

St Andrews Primary School

Gender Respect Celebration | $500
Morning tea for their students and a special female in their lives to spend the morning celebrating women and their stories, as well as thanking them for the impact they have had on their lives. To tune students into the theme supporting literature promoting female role models will be purchased, and each child had the opportunity to invite a special person to attend and then thank them by presenting them with morning tea, and a gift of Live Love Magic beans.

Wattle Glen Primary School

16 Days of Lunch with Strong Women | $550
Purchase of 16 books with strong female characters in order to launch a lunchtime club to read and discuss these books, to highlight and raise awareness of strong female characters in books and inspire the students to seek out strong female characters, and role models.