Nillumbik Shire Council collects rates from property owners in Nillumbik to help fund local services and infrastructure.

The amount you pay depends on the value of your property compared to other properties in Nillumbik.  Each financial year, Council calculates the rates and sends all property owners a rates notice.  


What your rates pay for

The table below shows how your rates will be spent in 2023-2024.

For every $100 in rates collected, Council will allocate the following amounts:

Service area Amount
Waste and recycling $16.91
Roads, footpaths and traffic
Environment, parks and open space 
Customer service
Corporate support $7.15
Family, children and community services $7.38
Library, education and culture 
Public safety, emergency management and risk $7.37
Recreation and leisure $5.07
Planning and development $6.76
Loan repayments $3.32
Governance and communications $5.85
Building, maintenance and assets $4.09

To find out more about how your rates are spent, see the Council plan and budget


When to pay your rates 

You can pay your rates in four instalments. The due dates are the same each year.

  • 30 September
  • 30 November
  • 28 February
  • 31 May

When a due date for an instalment falls on a public holiday or weekend, you have until the next business day to pay.

To pay a rates instalment, visit pay your rates.


Understand your rates notice

Your rates notice contains important information about the value of your property and the rates and charges you will need to pay.

Property and valuation information

Term Definition
AVPCC The Australian Valuation Property Classification Code (AVPCC) is a classification system used for valuation purposes. Your property is assigned a code based on how the land is currently being used.
Site Value  The Site Value (SV) is the value of your land only, without improvements (such as buildings). 
Capital Improved Value  The Capital Improved Value (CIV) is the assessed market value of your property including both land (SV) and all improvements (such as buildings).
Net annual value 

If your property is classified as residential or primary production, the Net Annual Value (NAV) is 5 per cent of the capital improved value.

If your property is classified as non-residential, the NAV is the greater of either:

  • the estimated annual market rental of the property minus all legislated expenses to maintain that property (except council rates), or
  • 5 per cent of CIV.

For more information about how your property is valued, see valuations for rates.

Details of rates and charges

Rate or charge Description

Nillumbik Council calculate your rate amount by multiplying two figures:

  • your property's CIV
  • a rate in the dollar amount set by Council.

Nillumbik Council sets different rates in the dollar amounts for different types of land. The rate in the dollar amount is calculated by dividing the required rate revenue for Council operations by the total value of all rateable properties of that land type.

The land types and their corresponding rates in the dollar amounts are:

  • general (0.002487)
  • commercial and industrial (0.002885)
  • farm land (0.002114)
  • vacant land (0.003731)
  • cultural and recreational land (0.000970)

The rate in the dollar for your land type is shown on the rates notice. To find out more about how rates are set, see:

Waste Management Charge

This charge is collected by Council to manage waste, including recycling, green waste and landfill. This includes collecting your bins and the landfill levy charged by the State Government.

Fire Services Levy

This is a State Government charge used to fund fire services in Victoria. The levy has two parts:

  • a fixed fee
  • a variable fee calculated on your property’s CIV.

Visit the State Revenue Office website for more information about the Fire Services Property Levy.

Changes to the vacant land rate

From 1 July 2021:

  • The differential rate is now 150% of the general rate (previously 200% of the general rate).
  • The House Construction Rebate no longer applies.
  • Once a building permit for the construction of a dwelling has been lodged with Council, the vacant land rate will cease to be charged and the general rate will apply effective from the date of lodgement.
  • Upon completion of the dwelling, the property will be revalued to include the new dwelling and any other improvements, and the general rate applied.

These changes cannot be backdated.


Rate capping

Increases to your rates are limited by a cap set by the Victorian Government. The Minister for Local Government sets a rate cap for each financial year.

For the 2023-24 financial year, Council adopted a 3.5 per cent rate increase. This is in compliance with the Victorian Government's Fair Go Rates System and is in line with the maximum allowable rates cap of 3.5 per cent.

However, your individual rates notice may change depending on:

  • the value of your property relative to other properties in Nillumbik
  • other charges and levies not covered by the cap, such as the waste management charge.
  • your land type (for example residential, commercial or farmland). 

Visit the Essential Service Commission's website for more information on annual council rate caps.