Neighbourhood Connection grants awarded

Three young girls walking arm in arm, other people of different ages all walking across a green lawn.

Council offered funding to local community groups and organisations to deliver projects to help build vibrant and connected communities. Strong community and neighbourhood connections help people to manage better during and after emergencies.

These grants were part of Council’s Communities First program, which supports the Nillumbik community to lead projects and activities that build connection and help people to prepare for emergencies. They were made possible by funding from the Victorian Government's Safer Together program. Our commitment to support these types of community-led projects is also included in the 2019-2023 Nillumbik Shire Bushfire Mitigation Strategy

2023-2024 recipients

Arthurs Creek Community Centre Christmas Party | $500

Funding used to support the Arthur's Creek Community Centre (ACCC) Christmas Party in December 2023. The event aimed to bring the community together to celebrate the year that was 2023 - parents, kids, grandparents. All connected to our community, to celebrate and sign off for the year.

LinC 30-year celebration | $500

A high tea to celebrate 30 years of LinC in Nillumbik and Banyule. Past and current volunteers and the wider community were invited to come and celebrate LinC's ongoing work in the community.

Carols in the Park Diamond Creek | $500

An annual Christmas event with an orchestra and singers leading community members in traditional Christmas carols. The funds were used to buy microphones for the singers. Sadly, this event had to be cancelled last minute due to the storms, but the microphones will be used by the community organisers at future events. 

An Evening with Neighbours in St Andrews | $500

A gathering of local neighbours for a meal. As well as being an opportunity to connect on a social level, this event offered the opportunity have an informal discussion around the upcoming fire season. Some residents were directly affected on Black Saturday and are in a unique position to share their stories and experiences with those who are new to the area.

Hohnes Road Playhouse Christmas Party | $500

The Hohnes Road Playhouse Christmas Party is a heartwarming and community-focused event that aims to foster a sense of togetherness and holiday spirit among our local families. Santa Claus came as a guest of honour, spreading joy by delivering presents to the children in attendance. Designed to engage and excite the children there was also a range of special Christmas arts and crafts activities, along with a Christmas play and toy theme. What truly sets this event apart is the inclusion of a petting zoo, which added a unique and memorable element for all attendees. This festive gathering is designed to bring our community together to create lasting memories for families in our community. 

2022-2023 recipients

Barreenong Residents Get-together | $250

Residents of Barreenong Road and surrounding areas were invited to attend a 2-3 hour "get-together". The event was used to welcome new residents, discuss the formation of a Street Level Emergency Plan, improve connectivity by adding newer residents to the existing neighbourhood WhatsApp group, reinforce bushfire awareness and understand how they can help each other better for one-off emergency incidents - such as trees blocking elderly residents' driveways etc.

Panton Hill Community Coffee Catch-up | $250

Free coffee at the Panton Hill General Store where all the Panton Hill residents could catch up, get to know each other and build community connection. 

Neighbourhood Morning Tea at Gordon Ford Pocket Park | $250

The John Street/Gordon Ford pocket park was created in June 2022 and neighbours gathered in celebration of their efforts in working together to create a reinvigorated, biodiverse space. This also serves as a thank you to all the neighbours who participated in the original planting day and continue to maintain this public open space using their own personal resources. This event invited the residents of upper John Street and surrounding homes near the pocket park to get together over a morning tea, to do a couple of hours of weeding and an inventory of plants that need replacing due to natural attrition.

The Hohnes Road Hive Winter Budy Bee | $250

A winter busy bee at Hohnes Road Playhouse brought neighbours together to foster community connections. This volunteer event brought together community members for a shared purpose installing a vegetable garden and improving the playspace for the children and families of Nillumbik.

Come and learn about CopperLine | $250

An evening event based in Nillumbik for people interested in learning about CopperLine newspaper. A small informal gathering with brief speech by CopperLine editor/manager to explain the newspaper. Copies of the paper were available and committee members were in attendance to have informal chats. This event aimed to increase interest in the community newspaper and build new connections to help sustain this important platform for communication and community connection.

Community Coffee: Brewing Connections at Eltham South Preschool | $250

Eltham South Preschool planned social gathering on-site. The funding was used for a coffee cart to provide a catalyst for fostering community connections and nurturing a strong sense of togetherness. The presence of a coffee cart offered a common gathering point for parents, caregivers, teachers and neighbours of the school where individuals could engage in casual conversations, share stories and form meaningful connections over a hot coffee on a cold winter day.